Sunday, January 11, 2009

Woe is me...

It seemed like a brilliant idea, ordering the Seafood Udon.  It was delicious. The broth was amazing and the seafood perfect.
What was I thinking?!!
You might has guessed that I am over forty. 
I have a "condition" and it's called middle age/peri-menopause.  That word, peri-menopause means so many things.

 To me it means WATER RETENTION. 

I am at the point that I know that I am unable to have commercial soups, sauces, soda, anything with a high sodium content or I blow up like a balloon. Almost unrecognizable.

This morning I woke up and realized my mistake. I took off my watch three hours ago, I can still see the imprint on my arm. Sigh.


Frau said...

What can you do? Take water pills...sweat it out? Or just time? Where's the pictures?
Sorry good luck!

OHN said...

When I die, they will have to pry my sea salt grinder out of my hands.

Joyce said...

LOL... leave it to a sister to ask for a picture! LOL... The bright side you didn't have a big event to attend- right? Ouch another thing to watch out for... Sorry...