Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey all of you commenter's ( is that a word? I think so because it makes it pass spell check...)

Thanks for giving me your take on facebook. I think it is universal that our kids do NOT want us on there and I think many of us find creative/sneaky ways to see what our kids have on there. We and they should know that if WE can find out what is on their wall and see the pictures posted- so can others.
Be careful what you put out there...
I didn't even address the bullying that can take place as mentioned by Mom on the Run.
Like anything though, there is an upside. facebook is another way to stay connected with people,
I'm all for that.


Joyce said...

Great topic- I found out today that 2 of my neighbor friends are on facebook all the time. I thought lordy help me I have enough with the blogging, then there is tweety something I haven't even looked into... My husband is going to come home one day seeing me in the same spot he left me not bathed, and bed hair! I think for now I'll stick to blogging. I want to make time to hit all my favorites.
Stay warm! xoxo

Ronda said...

So true what Joyce said LOL. My daughter is my "friend" on facebook, and she tought me how to upload pictures and anything else I need help with. (She's 26). My son, on the otherhand, would be mortified to be my friend! He is 23, and he should be over that, but I guess not.
I really want to blog, but how do I start? Any advice?

Ina J Offret said...

I agree with Joyce. The blogs keep me occupied so I practically never check my FB page. Ronda you could check out Blogger to see if you can create a blog. It is not really hard... Ps Lots of readers would love following the adventures of Stella & Teddy!

preppyplayer said...

Joyce, LOL tweety!
Ina, you are a busy bee, visiting, blogging and commenting!
Ronda, Ina is right.
Click on the B ( the blogger icon) there should be text that says Create a blog. Click on that and then the rest is easy, really easy. Or go to the blogger website and do a search with a question, How do I create a blog?
I promise you-very easy. easier than facebook.
Have a good night ladies!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I think I already said my thoughts on fb - can't remember exactly - I'm pretty intermittent about it and, like Joyce, who has the time to blog, fb, etc etc?

Caffeine Court said...

I have to admit that I've become a bit of a FB addict lately. I'm starting to get over it...but I was really enjoying it for a couple of months. My daughters are too young to be embarrassed by me. I am frightened for them when they're teens, because I have heard some FB HORROR stories.