Thursday, January 8, 2009

A clean slate

I appreciate the first weeks of January. 
I feel slow and meandering, like a leaf floating down a summer brook.

 Little by little I put away the Christmas decorations, pack up leftover gift wrap, and file all receipts.  My calender is bare in January and I am thrilled. My only obligations are my family and paddle matches. 

Because I am unable to teach skiing this year (so far) my weekends are free as well.
This is my slowest month for my business. The kid's activities don't ramp up until later in the month.

I feel free and unencumbered. I know it won't last. But I am reveling in it while it does!


OHN said...

My freedom ends at 8 pm tonight..that is S3's first basketball practice then we move right into LAX (indoor and out). Sooo, my friends can pencil me in for coffee once school is out in June.

Frau said...

Its a good feeling enjoy while you can.

Joyce said...

I actually like Jan and Feb they are relaxing months especicially for us with snow. At least for me I wish for snow days so I can lay back catch up on a book or clean out a closet or two. It also gives me time to think of the holidays.
Enjoy the peacefulness. xoxo