Sunday, January 4, 2009


So my girl, here, had mono her junior year in high school. It's not like she had it so bad, she had it so long. Took a very long time to get back to her old self. Funny though, her neck/lymph nodes still seemed swollen. 

She went off to college and was diagnosed with strep at least five times that year. I attributed it to burning the candle at both ends, playing Division I sports, not drinking enough water, etc.

One night at Book club we were all talking about our kids (as usual) and the subject of mono came up. Apparently, chronic tonsillitis can be a complication or a result of having had mono. Not for everyone, but for some.

 When I told Michaela what I had heard she confirmed that many people at her school were either having their wisdom teeth removed or their tonsils. And those that were having their tonsils removed ? Many had mono in the past.

Sure enough, we visited our ENT, Dr. Eisenberg, and he also confirmed the mono/tonsil connection. He recommended a tonsillectomy. He also recommended allowing up to two weeks for recovery.

When does a college girl have time for that you ask? Christmas break of course! So, this Tuesday is the surgery. She is relieved to get rid of her tonsils but not looking forward to the recovery. I better get her some good magazines, DVDs, warm broth and ice pops.


Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. We debated about whether to have our children's tonsils removed (the trend is to not remove them any more). My daughters both had them removed when they were young but my son has not--his issue are more nose related and they would not remove his adenoids and want us to flush his sinus cavities out--forever. Anyway, I hope all goes well and your daughter has an easy time with recovery.

Ina J Offret said...

What a lovely young lady and a non-photo sabateur!! Yes, lots of treats as mentioned in your blog, and fun DVDs and fashion magazines, maybe a little piece of bling to help the recovery process... good luck!!

Ina J Offret said...

PS what book was the group discussing?

OHN said...

Oh..poor girl. What a way to spend a trip home. She is a cutie though. Do you think I should send S2 over to sit with her and watch stupid movies? Probably not, he is really funny and laughing would be uncomfortable ;)

(but the upside is that right after surgery our kids become our "kids" again and we get that brief return to being their heros-lol)

Frau said...

I hope everything goes well and she has a speedy recovery. Give her our best from Germany! No funny movies just sad ones you donj't want her laughing too much.

Karen Andre said...

Happy New year! Hope you guys had fun! Tell Caela we will be thinking of her Tuesday and will wait a day or 2 to visit. Good luck Caela! Love, Karen

Somer Love said...

Lots and lots of popsicles!

Sending positive energy and healing thoughts her way!

preppyplayer said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts regarding Michaela. She will be my focus for awhile, which when you are one of five-doesn't happen enough!
Ian, unfortunately I do not remember what we were reading. one of our husbands says that we are actually, " a drinking club with a reading problem!"
We still have to choose our book for next month. we all want a happy/funny book as it seems like we have been reading dark/depressing tomes lately.
Any suggestions?