Thursday, January 8, 2009

best men's pea coat revisited

 I could say that the BESTmen's peacoat is at to see what would happen, but that wouldn't be right.
Everyone knows the BEST men's peacoat is a J. crew coat. Classic, affordable and always available no matter what is the current trend. Although according to the amount of searches for  men's pea coats- it does appear that men's pea coats are hotter than ever!
My question is,
Why do so MANY people want to know about the best men's peacoat?
Am I missing something? I know I have said this before, but on the hour I have hits on my "best men's peacoat" post! Who knew it was such a hot topic.
For the record men's peacoat fans get yourself to the J. Crew website, you won't be disappointed. Hurry though it looks like Spring has arrived at J.Crew.


thepreppyprincess said...

This is too funny - our top hits continue to include Bonwit Teller & Chace Crawford...?!


Mom on the Run said...

My top hit is "Sense and Sensibility". Seems kind of random.

Oh, and the abnormal in the title....some very weird things come from that. I should've thought about that before I named my blog!

Frau said...

Gay penguins is my top hit so go figure! Please tell my you already bought the best men's pea coat because they are flying off shelf bought Craig's at xmas and it was slim pickings

Joyce said...

Oh dear this makes #6 for me to add a comment today. I must have been sleeping. LOL...

I'm going to sign up to follow your blog so I don't miss a thing.

Boy there are some great top hits here in your comments.


Joyce said...

Oops I forgot to ask- how is your daughter doing today?