Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red wine is medicinal, isn't it?

So here's a secret, on purpose I have only had two glasses of red wine since New Years.
That is 22 days ago. But, who's counting?
I AM!!!
I hope I don't sound like an alcoholic because I don't think I am...  Although, being so aware of how long it's been since I've had a glass of red might be suspicious.

Let me give you some back story.
You see, almost every night as I am making dinner I would have a ritual.
 Picture this: 6 pm, kids doing homework, I am in the kitchen at the stove, dogs at my feet,
 ( when they were alive, but is is a nice picture, no?) I  usually have some type of apple cinnamon candle burning, good music playing and- A glass of RED WINE.
It was something I looked forward to every night, kind of like my carrot for all the errands and driving I had done all day. And, it was a nice wind down.

However, the pounds have started to creep on over the last couple of years and though I know I can blame peri-menopause, calorie intake, too much time on the computer instead of up and down my stairs doing chores- I thought it might be interesting to see if eliminating that glass and occasional two glass of red would culminate in a thinner me.

So far, no. I haven't lost a pound, maybe because I am substituting (unconsciously) desert as a reward?  Maybe, God forbid, because I have to continue this abstinence for a much longer time to see results?
 I miss my wine!
Do you think that I was too rigid, that maybe I can still have my beloved ritual a few times a week? 


Frau said...

Yes start drinking again...! Life is too short to cut out the little things we look forward to. Go back to your Yoga instead.

Somer Love said...

Pour a glass now! Don't sweat the small stuff and always do what you enjoy! Life is too short...

Besides a glass of red wine a day keeps the docs away and its good for your heart! I promise I am a PP I know these things :)

I have made notecards before and actually just placed an order can I do that thru you? Let me know!

Ronda said...

ABSOLOUTLY! Have some wine, if you want some dessert, bake some good cookies. Put them in the freezer and take ONE out went you want something sweet! Red wine is good for you and your heart. As a matter of fact----I might just join you tonight myself!

OHN said...

The image of you in the kitchen is so lovely and domestic ;)

I am one of those that gets a headache from wine..even one glass. The headache doesn't even bother waiting, it starts when I take my first gulp, er..sip.

Ina J Offret said...

Stop the madness Preppy!! Life is too short... uncork, pour, enjoy! xoxo

Ina J Offret said...

Stop the madness Preppy!! Life is too short... uncork, pour, enjoy! xoxo

Ina J Offret said...

I don't know why my comment appears 2 times!

Caffeine Court said...

Red wine is good for you! I think you should allow yourself a glass every night. You've earned it, and you look great.

preppyplayer said...

frau, Yoga-good idea, as I miss it so much.

Somer- I don't print but have some one in Canada that does-if you are doing high volume it is worth it.

Ronda- You are right, I think you are talking about something called moderation, something I should become more familiar with :)

OHN- It is probably my only domestic love, cooking. Oh, and mothering.
Cleaning? I would rather pay someone!

Ina, you might be dangerous if you were my neighbor. I have a feeling we would have TOO much fun, shopping AND drinking! Tennis too!

Jill or should I say, Elle, I think you're right and thanks for the compliment!

Joyce said...

I agree life is too short(trust me) not to enjoy the things you love. Besides isn't it written somewhere that a glass of red wine is supose to be good for you?! Seriousl!