Monday, January 19, 2009

Selfless Souls

Today I was thinking about 
Martin Luther King- a lot. 
I was thinking about our new president's call to service to recognize the day. 

I read a blog that suggested ways to be of service, small ways. Gather unused clothing to donate or give blood.  
By that I was  reminded of Saint Theresa, a saint recognized and beloved by Catholics because of her ordinariness,  her "little ways" to holiness.

And then, because this is how my mind works, (random thoughts jumbled together!) I thought of Mother Theresa, her work and her selflessness. 
And then I was back to Martin Luther King, his work and his selflessness.
Selfless Souls.


Ina J Offret said...

Very insplring. Hugs from Alaska!

Frau said...

We should all take a page from their book and be more selfless.
I welcome Obama for the hope he represents for so many. Not an easy job ahead.

Joyce said...

A WONDERFUL post! xoxo