Monday, January 26, 2009

It's on its way!

I am in the mood for a snow storm. 
It is so weird to me that two days in advance we know that a big storm is coming our way. People are franticly preparing- buying groceries, firewood, salt for the walkways, and making sure all the shovels and snow blowers are ready.

Me? I make sure we have enough reading material, logs for the fire, DVD's, and wine.  We also like to bake and make soup when we are stuck home, so I buy supplies for those activities.
Yes, I am ready for a snow day and it's only Monday!


OHN said...

I am one of those odd mothers that loves snow days too. When the other start complaining about having the kids "stuck" at home, I relish it!

Fortunately my kids have all loved it too and don't feel stuck at all. We usually bake something ( 9 times out of 10 one of the ingredients is chocolate;) and snuggle in to watch a movie, read, play video games etc. Now my two oldest are "stuck" in college when there is a snow day and both have called to say they wish they were home but were having fun too.

I love it :)

Frau said...

I hope all your snow day dreams come true!!

Joyce said...

I too love snow days! I wish we were having a snowstorm.
Thank you always for your kind words my friend!
I still feel a little like the hamster in the cage, but decided today to just catch up on reading all the blogs I missed last week. Hopefully some things will be off my dessert plate soon. LOL...

Kate said...

I am hoping DC finally gets some snow this week!

pve design said...

Nothing better than having the right provisions to weather any kind of weather. Great reminder for me as we are anticipating some accumulation! Logs, hot cocoa, good books, nice music and a good pot of something simmering always makes me happy - any kinda day!

Ina J Offret said...

I saw "wine" on your list!!! Love your list! Probably the storm will not materialize as predicted.

I love to play Mexican Train Dominoes...that would be a fun snow day activity with the family!
We play with quarters. Whoever wins the "hand" gives everybody else a quarter......makes it fun!!

Stay warm!! xo

Anonymous said...

OH... I OVE a good snow storm and being stuck inside.... I love to cook too (but I always find an excuse to do that)... your making me tune into the weather...are we really expecting a GOOD storm? I hope so! AND I loved when Gene was called for a snow day too.... any change in a routine is ALWAYS good for me!!!

preppyplayer said...

OHN, I think there are more of us "odd" ones than you think.
frau, hope your day has improved :)
Joyce, always good thoughts your way.
kate, you are always up for something!
Patricia, I agee, something on the stove or in the oven means good things in our house.
Ina, Yes, Wine is back in my life, COOKIES are out-so MUCH better. That sounds like a fun game and I think we actually own it!
Susan, I need to do a tutorial one evening- you can't be anonymous!

t.t. millers said...

I love snow storms. I love how it feels to be in the house and watching out the window at the quietness of it all. I love when the boys come inside after a day of playing outdoors. They always want hotcocoa. Most of all ~ I love having a day off of work!! :)

ps. My word verification was "rompit". How fitting... everyone having fun "romping in the snow".