Monday, January 26, 2009

NYC Gift show, Jacob Javits Center Part III

I wholesale to a few hair salons and my stylist/magician has asked me to see if I can get the bracelets shown above. She bought one in an expensive boutique in Hoboken. I was so excited that I found the designer as there are THOUSANDS of exhibits at the show. She is going to be very excited.

The other pics are some items that my daughter really liked. I like the pretty make-up cases, so colorful. But Becky really loved the glitter, metalic clutches. Hmmm, not really my style.
However the whole reason I brought her WAS to get another perspective, the teen perspective.
Thinking about it. 


Ronda said...

I love the bracelets and makeup bags a lot! The clutches are cute too, in that a rinestone button on the clutch?

Frau said...

Cute I like the makeup bags but you do have to cater to all taste and ages.

t.t. millers said...

I love the braclets! They are so unique. And, of course, I HAVE to be different!! LOL!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Good idea to bring your daughter and get her opinion - you are a savvy marketer!

Joyce said...

The gift show looks like it was fun and some good treasures!

preppyplayer said...

Yes ronda that is a chunky rhinestone button, cute isn't it?
Frau, yes, but I do not want to be "stuck" with items I don't like. But I trust Becky's taste and am sure I will do well-if she likes it.

Thanks lecia!
Joyce, it was fun and I'm going back on Thursday, too big to do in one day.

Somer Love said...

Love the clutches! You should buy them!

Love the bracelets to I have one kind of like that but the leather is narrower and the Silver part is a teeny heart... It says "Nothing is worth more than this day"

I never take it off the leather was gold now its more like a dark brown. Do you know if you can customize the bracelets to say whatever? Perhaps Live,Love,Breathe or Love to Breathe????