Sunday, January 4, 2009

Real Tiffany's or faux?

Big question.  Where does Tiffany's get off selling sterling silver ball earrings for eighty dollars?
Tell me, what is soooo special about those earrings that they warrant an eighty dollar price tag?
Let's put it this way,
 I sell sterling silver ball earrings on my web site,
They are shown above, below the Tiffany's. I charge $20 and I am making a profit!

Now, it's true. I do not provide that beautiful tiffany blue box with the white satin bow...
But is it worth paying sixty more dollars for a blue box?
Real or faux, what would be your choice?


Somer Love said...

It all comes down to that lil blue box....

Frau said...

I'm faux all the way! Would love to own something from Tiffany some day!

Ina J Offret said...

Yours for sure!!! But I do have some Tiffany pieces....that chunky silver link heart necklace and bracelet from a few years ago...

PS for some more excellent photo saboteurs check out Craig & Aimee's Glorious Debaucheries blog (in my Blog Faves) in their New Years Eve Part II post.... xo

OHN said...

When I get to NYC, I load up on the "tiffany" in chinatown. Real doesn't matter to me as long as I like it :)

preppyplayer said...

I don't mind paying for something unique or for artistry/workmanship... but c'mon!
Sterling silver balls, $80 is a lot of $$$
Ina, I did check out your saboteurs-hilarious!
Craig must have always been this way, I can tell he is an accomplished saboteur!
I agree OHN- real, shmeal!
Frau, we can arrange a tiffany something next OCt.
Somer- the blue box is cute, but is it needed?

Joyce said...

Well my friend it depends-

I prefer real chocolate
Faux wall finish wins hand
Jewelry 99% of the time I like artists made verses the real stuff
Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind a little blue box! LOL...
Thanks for a great post!