Sunday, January 31, 2010

The 2010 grammy awards...

So far?
Elton John and Lady GaGa= Genius

Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks= WEIRD

Just when I thought it was safe...

Apparently, denim shirts are back in!
Katie Holmes thinks so.
Kate Bosworth thinks so.
J Crew knows it's true.
And I get it. I mean this gal looks casual, yet put together.
Unfortunately, my image of denim shirts the last few years are more of this type.
or possibly this type.
Of course, this old guy makes denim work in a timeless way.
However this is the type denim I use to wear and just... finally, got rid of.
I don't know if I can do it again.
Unless I move to a ranch.

Friday, January 29, 2010


As in... I give up.

I have been teaching skiing for 10 years at a little hill in northern NJ. For most of those years it was rewarding, fun, it allowed my kids to keep their skiing skills up, and for them to have free snowboarding lessons. A few of them worked there teaching or in the ticket booth.

It was never for the money.
Or for the skiing as it is a very boring place to ski unless you are a true beginner.
What really grabbed me and kept me there was how fullfilling it was to teach someone something I love to do.
I especially loved teaching autistic kids to ski or any special needs students. I also loved the friends I made while working there. During our down time we would hang out and have great conversations until it was time to go out for the next lesson line-up.

However, things have changed.
My kids have outgrown the place and no one is working there this year.
I never seem to be assigned special needs kids.
They took away the break room, so no great times hanging out with other instructors.
They want us out training if we don't have a lesson- SO not interested in that!
They have us in line waiting for lessons way too long. ( it gets VERY cold when you stand in one place without moving!)

So all of a sudden instead of happily going off to work on Saturday and Sunday mornings-
I am dreading it!

This weekend the temps are supposed to hover around 15 degrees.
I really don't want to deal with that.
I think I'm done.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lacrosse gifts,
lacrosse gifts

You know, this time of year I get to relax a bit in regard to my vending.
I stay home. My truck is empty and my garage is empty. ( This makes hubby VERY happy)
Now's the time that I concentrate more on my website from which I sell wholesale and retail sports stationery, gift wrap and gifts.

I love having a web site and all that comes with that. I especially love my routine.
I get up.
Kids off to school,
drink coffee,
Go to my computer.

The perfect day?
I'm in my tennis or paddle clothes, check the computer for orders, find five orders, package them, go to the post office and then onto a match. Do errands. Come home and clean up.
Then pick up the kids.

My biggest sellers at this time of the year?
lacrosse gifts.
Tennis and hockey are up there too.

I love having my own business, now I just have to try to make it more profitable.
If you see my husband reading this?
let me know and I will deny the playing paddle/tennis part :)

Looking forward-

This is my only sister who now lives in Utah. There use to be three, but now one lives in NJ near me and another ( Frau) lives in Germany.

My parents live in Utah part time. And so she has family near her part of the year. Although she has a busy life with her husband and two children, I know she feels the void since my other two sisters have moved away.
So this February Kevin and I will be visiting. We are really looking forward to skiing, eating and drinking with she and her family. We always have fun with them. They are VERY busy so we don't expect all their time. We have plans to meet with others and clinics that we want to take. My parents will be in Utah too. ( That's who we are staying with!)This is my only sister who now lives in Utah. There use to be three, but now one lives in NJ near me and another ( Frau) lives in Germany.

It will be weird without Frau and her family. We have never visited Utah without skiing and spending time with them.
However, we plan a trip to Germany this Spring and we will be sure to make up for lost time.
That's a warning Frau!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where does he get the time?

I swear I was gone for a minute. My beautiful, tranquil landscape that I use for my desktop on my Mac...

Somehow now has this image.

First off,

What inspired him to randomly leave his homework (or what he really should have been doing brushing teeth and getting ready for bed) to come all the way downstairs to my office capture this lovely image, set it as my desktop and leave before I caught him?

Lastly, (and always)
He cracks me up :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

rainy day ramble

The endless rain today had me daydreaming about Spring. so I went to some of my wholesalers online and checked out the Springtime offerings.
I think the scarves below will be my choices for items I will sell to help my customers transition into Spring.
I think the neon scarves are going to really freshen up any wardrobe and add tons of "POP!"

"Dats" who!

photoshop-cheaper than a facelift!

Although I feel as though I've earned every line on my face...
It is cool to see a "smoother" version of myself.

The real me. Wrinkles and all.
Is it obvious that it is a rainy, dark Monday and that I am avoiding paying bill, making phone calls, cleaning, getting dressed, ( yes, I AM still in my pajamas!), organizing my storeroom, or returning emails?

Is that a resounding YES I hear?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Casino Night

Tonight our church had a casino night. I t was a blast. We ate, drank, caught up with old friends and of course- gambled.

We were given $100 in funny money. Boy, I am a risk taker when it isn't real!
Roulette's my game.
At the end of the evening we cashed in our chips for raffle tickets.
The raffle tickets were for the Chinese auction. ( some call it a silent auction, a tricky tray, or just plain old basket raffle!)

So my husband and I had a bunch of tickets and we only had about ten minutes to put them in the raffle buckets in front of each gift basket. There were some great baskets too. Some were filled with wine and restaurant gift certificates, others had candles and home accessories.

The Only basket I wasn't interested in was the "game night" basket. It was huge and filled with about 10 board games, all of which we have... and never play.

Guess which one we won?

I couldn't believe it. I knew my husband had put a ticket in accidentally and we had joked that we trying to get rid of games not bring more in.

Oh well.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ever have this happen?

So, out of the blue the strangest thing happened!
I was playing in a platform tennis tournament on Thursday and had played one match came inside the paddle hut to have a bagel and coffee, that's it, went outside to begin another match.
All of a sudden my eyes began to itch, I thought I had something in my eye. Then I began to sneeze and get stuffed up and have the chills.
No other symptoms. My throat was fine. I knew I was having an allergic reaction but it didn't seem to be serious and I continued on.

Half way thru the match my partner noticed how swollen my eyes were and asked if I was alright, I said yes and we played on.

But, she really didn't say or remark on my appearance.
In fact, NO ONE did!
This was me as it was beginning, please notice much swelling around eyes and nose.

This, ( I swear!) was what I looked like at the height of my attack. ( Of course I played on!)
And this species is what I resembled when the swelling went down. Not one person remarked on it either!
By the way, we made it to the semi finals of the B division of The New Jersey State Platform Tennis Tournament tournament.
And, I still have not a clue as to what caused the reaction. I suspect mold or mildew in the Paddle hut.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Broadway....

Saw this tonight.
It was good.
Not Wicked good, or Jersey Boys good.
Not standing ovation good.
Just plain good. Glad we went.
Can't get the songs Maria or I feel pretty... out of my head.
And that's not a bad thing.

She's going back!

Well we will miss our resident gimp, our life of the party.
She goes back to school this weekend. I am sure it won't be easy for her to navigate the campus, go up and down stairs, or go long distances by foot- but I know she will manage.

We are sending her with a car... for a month and then we want it back.
Too many kids share cars at her school, to me an insurance nightmare. How can she say no to people whose car she has used in the past? So we would feel better with our car here.
Do you think that's mean?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's no frizz in the desert!

So, Palm desert/Palm Springs is amazing.
I know this because I have curly hair.
There is no such thing as frizz in the desert...
and that's a good thing.

I didn't make a ton of money but broke even, learned a lot, had some fun, worked my arse off, was able to be in 75 degree weather for four days ( a nice break from our frigid weather) and meet lots of great people/make new contacts.

As usual, when I don't make pots of money it is actually better for my business.
Why you ask?
Because then I feel compelled to hustle, look for new gigs, make contacts, and ultimately make more $$$,
When I have a great event/ sale I tend to rest on my laurels for awhile. I take it easy.
So, no rest for the weary.
Stay tuned.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm back!

Just got in tonight from California. Can't wait to catch up.

If you didn't know security is CRAZY at all the major airports.
And although I had heard that, it still is something to behold when you are actually there.

So my advice?
Leave VERY early and make sure you factor in an extra hour and a half for security checks.
It was inconvenient, but I did feel safe.

Oh and LAX, the day after the Golden Globes?
Even Kevin Bacon had to wait in line with the rest of us peasants!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Don't these look like mug shots? ... in my kitchen?
Seriously though, This girl just turned sixteen today!
Happy birthday to my youngest daughter who I love so much!
Today wasn't a big deal ( school, basketball practice) But I hope you enjoyed your favorite meal with your grandparents in attendance.
Don't worry the big family party will be soon and I know we will do something special with your friends to mark the milestone birthday :)
Love you B.

Sand Storm Lacrosse tournament 2010 and Girls!

Sand Storm Girls Lacrosse 2010
Schedule time for Shopping!

I will be there with all my "preppy" stuff, ( think Scout bags, boxers, jewelry and more!)
preppyplayer will have:
Mouth pieces, tape, balls, sticks, shafts, stick bags, eye wear.
Sun glasses, jewelry, spandex, sports bras, sox of all colors.
Tie dyed shirts, hats and more.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I think I can handle it...

I think (due to the gazillion Sand Storm commercials on my blog) that many of you know that I am heading out to Palm Desert, California for a Lacrosse tournament to (hopefully) make some bucks. I am very excited and jazzed, but not just because of the opportunity to experience a new event.
You see, I am leaving THIS- See below.
And going to this. See below.

I know I can handle it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Old school Danskos

Although I consider myself to be a sporty, traditional type of gal, preppy really, I still have a part of me that is very 1970's. We call it Boho now.
Then it was called hippie.
Not like Woodstock folks!
Heck, I lived in the upper-middle class suburbs of NJ.
No, I mean as in long hair parted in the middle, Indian shirts and skirts, and clogs.
(I promise to dig out a picture in the near future to illustrate what I mean.)

Danskos trancend time and style, because I'm still wearing them.

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010, Sock it to 'em!

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010, Tribal West Lacrosse.
Make sure you get right over to the big white tent,
These socks are HOT!

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010. Schedule ... time to shop.
Tribal West Lacrosse equipment, apparel and preppy boutique.

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010. Scout Bags.

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010-
What to expect?
Great weather.
Awesome lacrosse.
Go to the Tribal West Lacrosse booth at the big tent and check it out!

Patience with the patient...

So, I'm glad to know that it was a very, very good decision for me...
to NOT go into nursing.

My daughter is a sweetie, she is a hard working, trained college athlete.
But, if I had to beg, nag, cajole or threaten her one more time to drink more water, take her meds, do her PT, ice her knee, eat more, move more (prevents blood clots), and stop watching every trash show on TV and read something worthwhile...

I thought I was going to kill her.
I don't think she knew that. ( she was on narcotics)
I seemed patient, kind, and loving.
But inside I felt like screaming.

I can definitely handle being her nurse for a couple more weeks, but I could NEVER do this full time.
How do nurses do it? In fact, how do ALL caregivers do it?
I have always respected those that care for others.
Now I will worship them.
There must be a special spot in heaven for all caregivers.
Strike that, I KNOW there is.

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010! get ready!

Sand Storm Lacrosse 2010, Indio California.

Please have your Cash, checks, and credit cards because you will be able to fill all your needs regarding lacrosse. We're talking mouthguards, spandex, sticks, goggles, bags.

We know you NEED fierce tees, awesome practice shorts, and bright, neon sport hair bands.

Let's not forget that whole preppy, East coast thing!
We're talking Scout bags, jewelry, boxers, preppy, pretty pajamas capri's, text gloves, Lax Lab hats and more.
Be prepared to SHOP!!! And PLAY of course :)
Find Patty and say you read this blog- get a free head band!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sand Storm Lacrosse, January 16-17, 2010

Guess where I'm going?
Yup. California here I come!
Pretty exciting. I will be vending all my preppy goods next weekend as a boutique for
I will bring lots of jewelry, Scout bags, preppy boxers and pajama capri's. I am there to add the East coast preppy vibe and help Fish and Soni Of Tribal West Lacrosse create a vendor village that West coast laxers can call their own!
See you there. If you read it here, let me know and receive a free head band :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

bee pollen update

Remember last Summer when I told you about the bee pollen?


All in all, by September I has lost 23 pounds. I stopped taking it and I have kept it off even through the holidays. ( I did take the bee pollen during December though as insurance once a week.)

Two of my sisters have lost close to 20 pounds, many friends and co-workers of ours now take it and have lost as well. So you're wondering,

Where do I get this?

Well, I don't sell it. I make no money from it. In fact I have been nervous to talk about it because it seems too good to be true. I figure there HAS to be something dangerous or bad...

So even though I was willing to risk my health ( never felt better in my life by the way!) I didn't want to be responsible for risking other's unless they forced me to divulge how I lost the weight.
Which is what people close to me did, then they lost and they passed on the info.
But whenever you meet
someone using it we remark that it is just too good to be true.

Well finally someone did the mature responsible thing and actually brought it to a
nutritionist and asked her opinion.
Here is what she said:

I have good and not so good news on the bee pollen.
First the not so good news - the way this probably works is based on increasing the fiber content of your intake along with a couple of ingredients that increase bowel function (senna in particular). the way it works is to add fiber to help create a feeling of fullness - so you eat less - and then help increase elimination. Essentially you take in less and eliminate more creating a negative calorie intake. That is how you can achieve the weight loss with no exercise.
The real good news is that I can see no questionable ingredients or anything that would be a cause for concern. The only issue may be increase gas, bloating, and bowel movements during the adjustment phase.
The other piece of good news is that it may also help decrease your blood cholesterol level. The aloe, beet, and yam all have good soluble fiber which binds cholesterol.
It may be worth trying.

So, that made me feel better! I do want to say that not everyone has the same results on this. People that eat for reasons other than hunger or already have a ton of fiber in their diet have not had the same results. Also if you are allergic to bee stings- YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS.

As for where you can get it...
All over the place. The
Internet being a good source. Let me know if you try it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ohhh, poor baby!

As I was putting away the Christmas stuff today I came across some of the Santa pictures from when my kids were little...

What a mean Mom I was!

And still am, cuz I can't help but laugh when I look at these old photos and I see smiling children/siblings sitting on Santa's lap, happy as clams, while their poor little brother or sister is literally spasming, choking and crying in terror.
While the Mom took pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surgery today.

My girl had her ACL repaired today at The New York Hospital for Special Surgery. We are very lucky to live by some of the best hospitals in the nation, The Hospital of Special Surgery is no exception.

We made sure she had one of the top surgeons in the country as well.
His name is Dr. David Altchek. We met Dr. Altchek years ago when my older son had a shoulder injury, luckily surgery was not needed. Dr. Altchek operates on many famous athletes as well as a blogger or two. ( Mel from May/December)

So we were aware of him but had no idea that he was a knee specialist. We met with a few surgeons and he was the one that the three of us chose unanimously.
read about him HERE, he's famous :)

Anyway, it was a long day and my girl is now home with an ice machine and pages of instructions regarding pain management, rehab, bathing,... you name it.
She wouldn't let me take any pics in the hospital, but you may see a photo or two in the next few days as we will have plenty of togetherness.

Funny little story- As she came out of anesthesia she was a little out of it and kept remarking, ad nauseum, that the hospital seemed right out of her favorite show, Grey's Anatomy. And then she repeatedly told anyone who went by or spoke to her that they looked like they were right out of Grey's Anatomy.
It got worse.
Then she groggily kept repeating that her legs felt paralyzed like the kid from Friday Night Lights. Which then prompted her to tell anyone who would listen the storyline of that particular episode...
Maybe TV should be limited during her convalescence.

Monday, January 4, 2010

NEW Bungalow Scout Bag designs for 2010

Bungalow Scout bags, 2010
I am so stinking excited!
I love the new Bungalow Scout bag designs.
I was nervous when I heard they were discontinuing the toiles,
really nervous.
My preppy crowd luvs them toiles.
But guess what?
I think there is enough pink and green and everything in between to keep my customers happy.
Click on images to see bigger.
The 4 boys bag is a big seller for me. Think... high end flea market bag. I believe these new designs will be great for beach, boat and barn- college girls too!
As for the Bagette, I already get so much attention at the grocery store whenever I whip out my Bagettes...
These new designs have something for everyone.
Hey kids don't forget,
You saw it here first!