Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a few...

wise ass remarks ( actually, very funny) regarding my last post.

I guess folks who have blog rolls, and give me the honor of being there, see the title of each blogger's post on their blog roll.
My last title-  pretty AND functional had some thinking that I was talking about a person and maybe,
about myself.
Nope, just about a bunch of buckets.
But let me see, what two words would I use if I were to write and describe myself?

presentable AND functioning!
How about you?

pretty AND functional...

and I'm selling them!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lafayette women's Lacrosse-California Pards Spring trip video!

Apparently, it is mandatory that when teams are on Spring break they put together a video.
It's a lot of work.
I have to say whomever edited this one did an awesome job.
Lafayette women's Lacrosse rocks!
 Watch it, it will make you smile

Thursday, March 24, 2011

On a misson!

Yes, I am on my way into NYC on this blustery, winter day. ( I know it's March and Spring, but today the world is snow covered in northern NJ!)

And on this day I am on a search for Spring/Summer scarves.

Such as these above.
It feels refreshing to start buying for warmer months. However, it isnt so easy to sell Spring and Summer like items when there is snow on the ground. I might have to bring out the animal hats at my sale tonight!
Remember these?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Around these parts...

There is a progression of Spring flowers,

Now, pansies.
And Crocus.
Any minute, forsythia
Towards Easter, hyacinths.
And you know it's May when you see Lilacs.
What is your Spring flower timeline?

Friday, March 18, 2011

One of my heros...

Yeah, that would be Sue Walsh. Anesthesiologist nurse. Sporting a scout bag she bought from...ME!
But that isn't why she is my hero, although it helps!
No, it's because she still manages to look way cool while in Bangladesh, India volunteering her time for Operation Smile.

"More than 200,000 children are born with a severe cleft condition each year — often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile. In some places these children are shunned and rejected. And in too many cases, their parents can't afford to give them the surgeries they need to live a normal life.
That's where we come in as an international charity providing much needed surgical services. Since 1982, Operation Smile — through the help of dedicated medical volunteers — has provided free surgeries to children around the world. As one of the most prominent children’s charities in the world and with a presence in over 60 countries, we are able to heal children’s smiles and bring hope for a better future."

So c'mon, isn't she awesome? AND do you believe how cool it is that she had a Scout bag in the OR?
Love you Sue!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Eataly info!

So, it turns out I have some "semi" connections at Eataly. Two boys, ( now men) that my sons went to high school with are big deals at Eataly!

One, Dan Amatuzzi, the wine director at Eataly, worked with Batali, Bastianich and Farinetti to stock Eataly with more than 1000 Italian wines. Wine is very important at Eataly, every server has been educated to educate the customer on correct wine pairings with any food ordered.

The other is is Nick Coleman, Eataly's chief olive oil specialist. He knows EVERYTHING you need to know about olive oil and gives classes and courses there on that subject. Do you remember that I mentioned that I have never seen so many olive oils in my life? This is the guy that will educate you about them.

I just started following Eataly on Facebook and Twitter so that I am aware of any special events or interesting promotions. If you plan on visiting NYC and want to go to Eataly, I suggest you do the same!

Monday, March 7, 2011

EATALY- what you should know...

“We cook what we sell and we sell what we cook.”
Last week I had some business in NYC and asked my son to join me and 
keep me company. I figured I would reward him afterwards with lunch. It 
was a rare, warm day in February so we decided to walk. We walked down
 5th avenue towards Union Square as there are tons of nice places to eat 
in that area. 
( I also thought I would drag him into the most amazing store-ABC Carpet.)
But, all of a sudden I realized we were in front of EATALY!!!
I have been wanting to go there ever since I started hearing the buzz last 
Summer but I had no idea it was so close to where I do all my business.
Eataly is the culinary project of Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, 
lidi Matticchio Bastianich and Eataly founder Oscar Farine.  
The immense space situated between 23rd and 24th streets, 
fronted on 5th avenue is a primo destination for Italian style shopping,
 eating, experimenting, and learning. There are five restaurants within 
and many, MANY counters to order everything from fresh made pasta, 
all different kinds of sauces, to Italian hams and sausages. 
Now, I don't consider myself a "foodie" but I am an adventurous eater. So
 I couldn't wait to go in... and I wasn't disappointed! I don't think I have ever
 seen so many different types of olives oils in one place.We walked around 
for about an hour and then decided where to eat. We went to La Pizza & La Pasta. 
My son had a dish of fresh mozzarella and I had an amazing salad, mostly 
comprised of roots and radishes. Then we shared a pizza. Our food was 
delicious- made more so by the wine selection suggested by our waiter. 
The service was AWESOME!
At the end of the meal I asked for an expresso and that is when we found 
out the way you are supposed to eat at EATALY.
The intention is that you should be at EATALY for hours. 
Start at LE VERDURE with a soup and maybe a salad or you could start
 at IL PESCE with an amazing seafood antipasto. Then, head over to
 LA PASTA for a pasta course. Next, you would go to MANZA  for a meat course. 
At the end you can go to the cafe for expresso and pastries or there is a gelato store too. 
All along, while you enjoy your eating experience you can shop for any italian
 ingrediant that you ate there or that you could think of.
If you are heading to NYC make sure you stop in. it is a very unique experience. 
Not too expensive either.
Oh, and the people watching is crazy!

Restaurateurs (from left) Joe Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Mario Batali have one foot in Italy and one in New York with their new extravaganza, Eataly.
Restaurateurs (from left) Joe Bastianich, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Mario Batali have one foot in Italy and one in New York with their new extravaganza, Eataly.

"Part of Eataly’s mission is to celebrate and foster understanding of the Italian table — a place where ingredients come from people with names and faces. To that end, it will include a cooking school and even an in-house travel agency that will organize trips."

2011 Bungalow Scout Pocket Rocket

$36+ $5 for shipping. These are awesome bags for:
wine bag!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me and my girl

I love this picture of my daughter and I. I really miss her when she is away at school, but I know she is happy and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Still, I miss her.
Hard to believe she is graduating this year and that she will be back living with us again.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ok, a little more from Chris...

Back In 2005 Fran's son Chris decided to prank American Idol.
Pretty funny stuff.

Paula is so nice!