Monday, August 31, 2009

An open letter to J. CREW...

Dear J. CREW,

First off, I want you to know that I will always love you. 
This isn't about you and me. Our relationship is intact. 
 Since I have known you for a long time, I feel confident that I can be real with you and tell you what's going on.

You have always been my go-to for everything.
Once again, it isn't just about me. 
Although I can always, ALWAYS count on you for the men in my life and there isn't a time that I can't find something for myself or a friend, I have to say...
You've let me down.
I should say you've let my daughters down, down HARD!

Why have you abandoned your 14 to 20 year-old demographic?

Where and when is my 16 year-old going to wear... 
pretty much anything out on the floor this season?
How and why would my 20 year-old college student spend...
 way too much money on items of clothing that are WAY too dressy for college life?
( and trust me, she goes to a very preppy school that you WERE perfect for!)
My daughter and I just spent too many hours at one of the most profitable malls
 ( think Paramus, NJ) in the country searching for the perfect back to school outfit. I fought the crowds in Aeropostle, Hollister, and Charlotte Ruse, 
( my skin was crawling.) 
Finally, FINALLY I was able to talk my soon to be sophomore in high school into visiting my favorite place-
And it was-
No one was there.  
Even JC Penny had more back-to-schoolers than you!
How is that possible?
My daughter humored me and said a couple of 
"this is cute" and  'I might wear that" 
before we finally left with..
Please, please go back to your roots. 
Classic, preppy, sporty clothing.
I beg you.
Love always,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The big Climb

Forgot to post these pics of our lighthouse climb.
Yup. To the top. VERY high.
Overcast day on LBI?
Go for it.
We did!

Happy New Year! (kinda)

So, I feel as though I am ready to get organized.
I recently commented on another blog that I think Jewish people have it right-
The new year begins in September!

Seriously, I become so energized at this time of the year. The kids get new school clothes and school supplies, their new schedules begin.
And I have big chunks of time during the day to accomplish all those projects I have back-burnered all Summer long.

The days become cooler, the humidity lowers...
Yes folks, this is my time of the year!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy day remedy

If you live in the Northeast and are home on this rainy day, 
(thanks to Hurricane Dan) 
If you are bored and don't want to-
clean the cupboards
leave the house on errands
do anything but surf the net...
here is a link to the portfolio of one of our favorite photographers

Make sure you have your audio on because the music is awesome.
A perfect antidote to a rainy day.
Tell me if you LOVE it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow! Latisse...

Pretty amazing. Except for this little caveat-
" The manufacturer also warns that 3 to 4 percent of users will have eye itching, irritation, or redness or a darkening of the skin around the eye. And if all that weren't enough, you could experience hair growth around your eyes if you accidentally smear Latisse on areas beyond your eyelashes."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bringing my girl back to school!

Well, it's been a great summer and this kid  brought a lot of fun to it. We are going to miss her!
Although thanks to Fall lacrosse we will see her many weekends.
Here is a Summer of 2009 tribute to our girl.
We love her TOO much!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jack Wills, end of Summer Sale!

Jack Wills, Brit prep.
You know I am a huge fan and I am happy to report that not only are they having an awesome sale right now...
But, I just found out that shipping is free... always!

To me, Jack Wills is a breath of fresh air. I think the items below would transition from summer to fall really well. 

I think my daughters would flip for the sweats and button down.

 I think I need the pea coat (love the length of it) and I MUST have these shoes.

Head over to Jack Wills and see what you need...


Because I get many inquiries on how to wash a Longchamp bag I decided to do some research.
According to the Longchamp website,
"Le Pliage" ( synthetic, trimmed with cowhide leather)
To remove any stains, simply brush softly with neutral soap and water.  Avoid moistening leather when cleaning.  Use a Longchamp cream on leather trimmings if necessary.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

This lovely beauty has been our vehicle for ten years. It was great when the kids were small as it has nine seat belts. I was the carpool queen!
 As the years went on it became VERY impractical. The 40 gallon tank was a gas guzzler and I really didn't need to be driving around town, alone in that big rig!
So it became the "extra" car or essentially, my work car. It was perfect for hauling merchandise to events and tournaments. 
Although we used it rarely and under insured it... the truck has 125,000 miles on it.
And, when gas went up to $3 a gallon?
All I could think was, Sell Sell, SELL!

Along came Cars for Clunkers.
It got me thinking. 
The most we would ever get for our beloved truck would be 2,000. There will certainly start to be costly repairs as more miles pile on. I still need something for work, yet good on gas. with our winters I still need 4 wheel drive.
Hmmm. Today is the deadline (unofficially.)
So kids, it's between the Honda Ridgeline or

The Chevy Avalanche.
I'll keep you posted. any opinions?

Off to school!

My niece Alissa is off to college next week, Freshman year.
We are so proud of her and know she will have tons of success.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New York Gift Show

Chandler 4 was the highlight of the new York Gift Show.
 Amazing quality and designs.
Love the prices too!

Although I usually sell  preppy style jewelry and  accessories, recently I have decided to look for items for the home as well.
Think- pillows, lamps, rugs, throws, candles, prints, and other decorative items.
Of course in the preppy style I love. 
Think- toile, gingham, needlepoint, and other classics.

So, I was thrilled when I came upon Chandler 4 Corners, a company out of Manchester, Vt.
( One of my favorite places) 
Think- Stratton, Bromley, Manchester bar & Grill, and more!

Anyway, This company produces gorgeous hooked pillows, rugs, runners, and Christmas stockings. I fell in love!
 Now I have all sorts of plans on how I will sell for cabin, cottage, and beach house- all inspired by this line.

I collect snowmen and this pillow must be a part of my collection!
Can't you just see this at YOUR beach house?
ANYTHING with stars works for me.
My sister Mary need this.
The Frau would love this.
Beth needs this at her cabin.
And Karen should have this.
Chandler 4 has an awesome web site too.
Click here 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Le saboteur de famille y était!

As you can see the family saboteur was on vacation with us, of course.
However, he is never on vacation from sabotaging photo opportunities!

Padel tennis

Quiero vender ropa y accesorios de Padel tennis en España, al por mayor. 
¿A quién debo contactar? 
Gracias por cualquier información que puede proporcionar.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach, Beach, at the Beach!

I'm at the beach at an Internet cafe. Funny how focused I am when I am paying for internet time by the minute!

It's been interesting. For most of my life We have rented a house on LBI ( Long Beach Island.)

Not every year, but every time we have come down we have been in a house. We rent large homes so that the seven of us have lots of room. We have allowed the kids to bring friends and usually have a houseful. We cook most meals and go out one night to a great seafood restaurant.

I feel as though I am living in an alternative universe this vacation and it is very strange!

Because We only had four days to get away and most homes here rent by the week we decided to stay in a hotel for the first time. Also my daughters were already on the island staying with my sister and her family. My son is here staying at his girlfriend's rental and my other son couldn't get off work. So we only needed one room for my husband and my twelve year-old.

No romance on this trip.

Oh! You should know that there are no chain hotels on the island or chain restaurants.

Anyway, I was SHOCKED when I started calling around trying to make reservations for this trip.

Most, if not all rooms were booked. On the entire island. The average price of a hotel room?



We are not talking the Dorado or Ritz Carlton.

We are talking beach hotels, old, muggy, no amenities (internet.)

Only one even resembled a decent hotel, Daddy O's which is new and the rooms are amazing.

Read- $400 and up.

So, we sucked it up and were lucky enough to secure a room at a ramshackle motel that had just had a cancellation. And the room was only $250.

We are talking motel, you know drive up. I don't want to sound like a snob, but I haven't stayed in a motel this shabby since 1978's senior prom!

But, we decided that it's fine. I mean how much will we be in our room anyway? My sister's place is nearby ( she has a full house and we appreciate her inviting our girls) and we figure we will be hanging over there most of the time.

Except we didn't anticipate the paper thin walls and the poor toddler next door who is obviously VERY constipated. We knew this because of his bloodcurdling screams and painful crying.

We were glad to hear that his father was supportive as we heard him imploring the little one to,

" just push, keep trying!"

And, we didn't anticipate that the lovely weather PROMISED by our weatherman (they NEVER lie) did not materialize. It rained all day yesterday and is threatening to today.

Oh well.

The other problem we have encountered is that we don't know where to eat.

Sounds stupid right?

I mean we have come down here for years, you would think we would know. But we always cook down here, so it has been a big job trying to decide where to eat.

So, that's my story so far. We still are glad to be here. Change of environment is always good.