Monday, September 30, 2013

I am one of "those people."

My last child( Of five) is a junior in high school, house will be empty in two years...
Of course we had to get a puppy.
God forbid we should be footloose and fancy free!

 And of course we chose an energetic breed, a Jack Russell terrier.
And now? Our main topic of conversation?
 Our little, LuLu!
Has she peed? Has she pooped? How was puppy class? Whom did we meet on our MANY walks? Did she behave? Isn't she the smartest/cutest/ bestest puppy- EVER?
Yes. I am one of "those people."
I love my dog.
Because of all our walks, I know my neighbors again- especially those with dogs.
Because of LuLu I am guaranteed exercise everyday, rain or shine.
My husband and I get a kick out of all the funny things puppies do, so there is lots of laughter in our home.
My children come visit more often to see LuLu- so then we see them more often.
So far, all positives and no negatives to having a puppy/dog.

My only regret/
That when we had our other two dogs and cat that they didn't get this same attention and love that LuLu gets...

Must mention-these delightful photos were taken by Kim DeGooyer!

FIne Art Shop:
http:// <http://semisweetstudios/> <

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Jawbone is connected to the-

Wrist bone!

I am sure you know, (I am always the last!) about the biggest craze, newest fashion statement-
exercise bracelets/activity trackers

There are lots of choices, the main three are,
Fitbit Flex
Jawbone Up
Nike Fuel Band

They all have their pros and cons. Mainly, they track your activity/steps, your distance, your calories burned, and your sleep quality. They sync up with your phone or computer for easy tracking and analysis.

I just ordered 5 as Christmas presents.
I chose the Jawbone up because of ratings on comfort, ease of use and The sleek look and the color choices.
 The price is in line with the others, $129 at

I chose to go to Jawbone's web site rather than Amazon or other sites. The price was best and I felt like they explained it better. Plus, why not go right to the source if you can?

My big decision was color, there were so many choices! In the end I felt that since this was a bracelet that I would wear every day- I would go with black/boring.

If I wasn't so practical, Mint Green would have done it for me!
Do you use an activity tracker? If so, what type goals did you start with and how long did it take to surpass them?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Un-happy Anniversaries...

Every generation, country, region, family, or person has one-or many.

Today is bad for many of us.
Because of where we live or who we knew, the pain is lurking,

I went outside this morning and was automatically relieved that the beautiful day of twelve years ago was not repeated- the crisp air, the azure colored sky, the bright beautiful sun of that day was no where to be found today.

It is hot, humid, and sunny and I am glad- because whenever the weather is most perfect?
I am transported back to that terrible day. Similar to when I hear a song from the summer of 1977 and I am on the beach in Pt. Pleasant, NJ. I swear I can almost taste the salt air just from hearing a song from that time.

I still cannot watch any documentaries or TV specials regarding 9/11.
It isn't the visuals that get to me...
I can't listen to the broadcasts, the 911 calls from the towers, the interviews of families searching for their loved ones.
The pain of that day comes back immediately, powerfully.

So today, like every other September 11th since 2001, I say silent prayers through out the day. I remember those who perished and mostly?

I pray it never happens again.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Service dogs

After reading the story below?
My heart broke.
Although I am not in the position to adopt or foster- no patience or energy left after raising five of my own....
More then ever I would like to train my LuLu to be a service dog.
If you have ever done this, please let me know your story :)

Service Dog Heals a Broken Heart

"There are better boys out there..."  said Jason to potential adoptive parents.
Last month, one of our therapists asked to borrow service dog Ruthie because she had to tell a little eight year old that his adoptive parents had changed their minds. Here is her account of what happend:
As I broke the news to Jason, Ruthie snuggled and nurtured him. We sat amongst my pile of stuffed animals and pillows until, with Ruthie by his side, he drifted off to sleep. He stirred a bit as he slept--whimpering, checking to ensure I was still there, etc.
This wasnt the first time Jason felt rejection. First his mom left him, then his aunt, then a foster family, and now the possibility of a real family slipped away. Jason rarely gets his hopes up. In fact, the first time he met the couple who wanted to adopt him, he said "You might want to keep looking. There are better boys out there.
Being on the front lines of tragedies like this one is hard. But with your support, we will find Jasonand the many Danielles, and Tyrones, and Nikeyas out there who need families - loving homes. Thank you!
If you know someone who might be willing to take a child into his or her home, click here or call 212-932-9009.

I think that...

The Jewish people have it right.

The Fall should be the New year!
This is when I want to clean out closets, the garage, my car.
This is when I look for new clothes.
Kids start school= new books, clothes, supplies, thoughts...

At this time of the year I feel as though everything is beginning.

In January?
Not so much.

All I want to do then is-
Keep warm.
Eat and drink.
Go on vacation.

I think this is why Autumn is my favorite season.
So many possibilities.
So many changes.

So exciting.
Happy New Year!