Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bib necklaces...

Were you wondering about Bib Necklaces?
Because I was.
I started carrying them this summer when one of my suppliers assured me that I NEEDED to sell them. 
I wasn't sure how they would do or who would wear them...

Well,  high-waisted dresses are perfect for them.
 Think sweet sixteens.
Bib necklaces can dress up any dress. They sell at Nordstrom for $48. 
I sell them for $30.

Bib necklaces are funky and fun for us "non-sweet sixteens" as well.
I wear mine with a  crisp, black button down shirt, jeans, and heels...
and I actually feel... cool.

Trend alert!!!

Old school baby!
Yes, desert boots are back.

Picture this,
Clarks sand colored desert boots, old washed out jeans, belt, beige cashmere v-neck tucked in with a crisp, white Hanes t-shirt underneath....
Add your favorite cologne.
What do you have?
My favorite outfit on any man of any age. He'll smell good too.
Remember, DESERT BOOTS- you heard it here.

Sophie's Choice...

OK, it isn't that drastic!
But, I must choose between two of my children nonetheless.
The Saboteur has a game ( first school game of his career) at 4:15 at home and his older sis ( JV) has a game at 4:15 about 20 minutes away....

No-brainer. Home field always wins!! ( Unless it is county or state playoffs, then they trump)

In regard to friends and parties,
 During the holidays we are often double or triple booked for parties ( we aren't THAT popular, just seems like everyone picks the same night!) 
We use to try to attend all as we hated to say no ( when you're  not THAT popular you can't afford to say no)
Invariably someone was always upset with us, for leaving early or coming late. 
Eventually we decided that first invite wins. 
Not always easy and I can't say there haven't been exceptions

Do you have to make these type decisions
And how do your children or friends take it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joya- soy candles

Joya soy candles may solve my problem.
 Soy candles still put off soot but far less than paraffin.
I found this line at the Gift show and will most likely carry it in the Spring.
I think this particular lacy design is so pretty. 
I think a bunch of them spread over a table at Halloween would be beautiful!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Scout Bags- The Weekender

Scout Bags are my biggest seller and The Weekender has become the "hot" bag of the season, perfect for sleepovers or weekend sojourns.

I recommend it for all overseas travelers as it weighs nothing and can be folded and stored in luggage to be used while touring, LOVE it!

These two designs are new and my current favorites.
Cost- $36 Shipping $4     Total- $40

Sunday, September 27, 2009

fundraiser- Girls Night Out Shopping Event!

Pre-holiday "Girl's Night Out" Shopping Extravaganza with Teresa & Jacqueline from the Real Housewives of New Jersey
Time:5:00PM Thursday, October 15th
Location:Ridgewood Woman's Club
Ridgewood, NJ

Ladies, leave the men and kids at home and come out and join the Sassy Shop Girls, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and over 40 designers, boutiques and crafters exhibiting the latest Fall/Winter 2009 styles. A night of wine, music and shopping, shopping and shopping!

Goodie bags for the 1st 100 guests. Start your holiday shopping with us with exhibitors selling, handmade jewelry, handbags, women and children clothing, spa treatments, stationary, home decor, holiday gift items and so much more all at a great price.

Portion of ticket proceeds will go to Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey.

Well folks, it should be interesting! I think it is a good cause and well worth trying.
 The housewives of NJ? We will see about that...
If you live near by and want to attend, please contact me for tickets. 
It is $15 pre-sale and $20 at the door.
And remember you will be able to meet ME and the NJ housewives!!!!
Big Whoop, right?
Just remember it is a good cause, there will be plenty of wine, hors' devours, goodie bags AND shopping!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Candle Damage!

Most of you know I have an early evening ritual.
I pour myself a glass of red wine, turn on music or TV, light a candle and make dinner.
Not every night, but many nights.
For years.
So recently I was more than shocked to see what the soot of a candle can do...
The entire area of the kitchen that I would light my Yankee candles is... disgusting.
I had no idea that a candle could do so much damage until I took down all the prints that had lined the upper wall.
Has this happened to you? And how could I not have noticed?

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am leaning towards gold this Fall/Winter.
How about the Tiffany 14 karat gold ball earrings?
Me thinks they average about $500 a pair.
I will be on the look out for "tiffany style" gold ball earrings without any guilt or reservations.
I will let you know when I find them.
I always share :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tis the season!

My business has certain slow periods.
August to the beginning of September
January to the beginning of March

At the beginning of August I am grateful for the slowdown,
After months of events, tournaments and street fairs it is good to have the time off.

But invariably, by late August I start to get anxious- even as  holiday contracts start to arrive and I know I am set for Nov. and Dec.  
So I start canvassing for gigs and worrying about September and October. And although that is a busy time for my web business and our personal life- as in the kid's games, autumn parties and BBQs,
 I ALWAYS think I NEED to be working.

Only, this is what happens, every time.
Out of the blue the phone calls come in, new contracts arrive, new requests. All of a sudden I am booked solidly for all of September and October!
Now I have a different kind of stress.  As in, 
The silly part is... this is what ALWAYS happens.
I could do without the  August worry of economic failure and would rather deal with the stress of having TOO much work. 
That, I can figure out.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Next project...

Not my house, 
but it will be my lamp post with a lovely street number sign.
It is a bit pricey but I think it will change the look of our front of the house.
Do you like it?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Infinity or circle?

OK, I saw these at the accessory show last Spring and...
I thought they were the dumbest thing I had ever seen. 
It reminded me of the kids that had the Velcro shoes because they couldn't or wouldn't tie their shoes. Are these for people that can't be bothered to tie a scarf?

Now I see them all over the place! 
The scarves shown above are from Bloomingdales. I hope I don't break down and start carrying them. Most retailers call them Infinity scarves or Circle Scarves.
I call them Lazy Loops.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jack Wills- picks for Fall

Jack Wills has a nice fall/winter line, but nothing unique or original.
EXCEPT for these beauties!
I love them. I think they are perfect for school and you won't see everyone else carrying them.
Most likely due to the price, $189.00 ( YIKES!)
I still love them though.
Shipping is free if that helps :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ski season soon...

                                                          Becky and I at Alta, Utah

Time for the Ski Season checklist:
I know I'm pushing it and I am not trying to rush fall, my favorite season, but I am here to tell you that it's time to get ready.

Start thinking about any trips you might want to take and book now. This is the time of year you are guaranteed to secure flights, hotels, and condos- you can always cancel.

Bring your skis in to be tuned and waxed.
Inspect ALL equipment and make sure it is up to par.
Do you or your family need new ski clothes? This is the best time to buy as all the newest and best goes early. Put it away and give as gifts at Christmas.
If you live near a hill or resort, buy season pass now- there are usually early bird discounts.

This is the year to finally buy a helmet, if you don't already have one.
Be a good example for your kids, wear a helmet. Helmets are warm and protect you from errant snowboards careening down the hill or poles falling from chairlifts.

Some of you may remember that I teach skiing at a tiny hill in NJ. I also spend quite a bit of time skiing in Utah where my family lives, two extremes. In both places I've seen helmets save lives.
Enough lecturing :) Any questions regarding skiing send them my way- I love to share!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Old Mother Hubbard...

Yup, that's me.
Or, that's what I feel like.

You see ever since my husband went thru his midlife crisis, (crazy, organic, all natural, no processed foods) We buy A LOT of nuts, beans, meal, flax seed, whole grain everything
 ( all natural/organic)
And,  these type foods tend to bring "friends"with them, BECAUSE of course no pesticides are used.

The telltale sign is the flutter, flutter of moth wings...
 and then the manic searching of the cupboards begins.
 I can never hold back the scream when I find the little worms moving about whatever food they came in on.
 This time it was chopped walnuts.

So begins the washing down of cupboards and the throwing away of all food in them. I keep them bare for a few days to make sure that they are rid of "new friends." The women who helps me clean said that in Poland they keep bay leaves in their cupboards and flour to keep the moths away. 
I might have to get some bay leaves...

And I better get some new food, our cupboards are bare!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Soccer Gifts

This time of year we start thinking of soccer gifts- end of the season team gifts and coach gifts.
The best place to go for all of the above for soccer gifts is

We watch a lot of soccer. Our daughter plays on the high school team and our son plays on the school and club team. It helps to break up the routine of weekend yard work and errands.
We also get to see friends and neighbors on the sidelines, standing  with one eye on our players while we catch up on town news.

I'm not sure what I appreciate more, the pleasure of watching my children play a healthy sport that they love or my effortless  sideline social life...

Friday, September 11, 2009

I repeat, it's all about scarves!

  THIS FALL- Scarves!!!

Seriously folks,  don't resist it.
 It's good for you, I mean your wallet, as scarves instantly update your wardrobe in a very economical way. What I like is that you can be boho, preppy, nautical, trendy, you name it depending on the style of the scarf.

I am now selling this style, perfect for my teenager. I had her wear it to school where it was an instant hit. ( poor girl, as my muse she is required to model many items I sell)
This pashmina is more my style. I sell these too. Perfect with a black turtleneck, jeans and black boots. I feel so put together and comfortable too, especially in the freezing cold frozen foods aisle at the grocery store!

So, remember my advice- get some scarves!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Question.

Because I am curious or call me nosy, here is my question:

At what age did you feel the most beautiful or feel that you looked your best?

My answer is in comments... where I hope to see yours!

lafayette women's lacrosse Fall Ball 2009

Looks like the first Lafayette women's lacrosse first fall ball tourney is:
Sep. 2611:00 amRutgers, Lehigh, LafayetteNew Brunswick, NJ
Fall Ball, love it.
It isn't freezing cold like the regular "spring" season.
The excitement of the team with the new players is awesome.
Meeting the parents of freshman is always great.
We get to see the girls play teams that we normally wouldn't such as,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last ever first day of school pics!

The only other mother? The playground aide.
For 22 years I have taken first day of school pics, the traditional on the front lawn and then the group shots on the playground or outside the school.

Little by little I was told, 'no more."  My oldest was in 6th grade and begged me not to step foot on school property, 
( I think it was because I was pregnant and had a toddler in hand making it obvious to all his friends that his parents had sex ) 
I listened to him because I had a 2nd grader at the other school, Buh By....

My girls were fine with me taking pictures by 6th grade but at that point I had a little guy up at the other school. And, you know  about my photo saboteur-even at a young age there was never enough pictures to pose for.

Times have not changed. As we were crossing the street, I realized, Wow, he is going into 7th... maybe I shouldn't be here. So I asked him if he minded if I still take pics on the playground. He said, "no worries Mom, Mrs. Treimanis will be there (mother of triplets) and some of the new kids moms will probably be there."

Well, I was uncomfortable. 
I was the only mom!
 I looked like that pathetic, older mother whose last baby is in 7th grade and who is refusing to let him go/grow up! I was really self conscious, which is not like me.

But, my son?
Didn't bother him a bit. In fact he kept calling me over to make sure I got this friend or that friend in a photo. I hope I'm like him when I grow up because as of now I am sure I will not be the ONLY mom on the playground next year. AWKWARD!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to school night... as in plural

So I was at Back to School Night this evening. 
And although I do think it is important to go- my children love to hear the feedback on their classrooms and teachers, the teachers like to see the parents, I like to attach names to faces and see what the coming year is all about, and our school does a great job...  
(See chart above, all points followed by our district.)

I did find myself bored to tears. I felt like a caged animal and we only met with each teacher for nine minutes! But then I got to thinking.

Hmmm... How many back to school nights have I been to?
Well, counting nursery school and kindergarten for each child of mine...

70 Back to School Nights!!!!

No wonder I felt locked in one big Deja vu.

( image from the site of Gary S. Stager)

Bento Box lunch

Even if you are not a big Japanese food fan, you have to appreciate the Bento Box Lunch concept.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. None of the foods touching each other, something most five year-olds would dig! 
I do too.

I love Japanese food and the thing I love most about Bento box is that there is always representation from all food groups. That it is always a colorful, healthy meal is a big plus too.
Are you a fan?

Visiting NYC? Nolita

My new  favorite NYC neighborhood for shopping?
Nolita! ( North of little Italy)
After brunch last weekend we left the Bowery walking northwest and came upon the most charming of neighborhoods. I'm not sure if the price of clothes in the little boutiques that dotted the neighborhood were so reasonable because of the proximity to Orchard and Hester Streets, ( the old garment manufacturing district) or because there are so many that they have to be competitive...
All I know is I picked up two darling, unique frocks for my daughter at $30 each!!!!
check out this neighborhood if you get a chance.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oudin's Tennis Shoes!

Found these images of Melanie Oudin's tennis shoes...
Even though I am a tennis attire purist I am LOVING these shoes!
hope to have them soon on:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great tennis today! US OPEN

US OPEN- Maria Sharapova and Melanie Oudin

I like going to the US Open if we have great seats or are in a box with bathroom, food, and drinks.
Sorry, I like it VIP style!  

So, today I am watching the Open at home on the big screen and I am loving it. Not only is the tennis great, (I should say not only is Melanie Oudin great), but I am totally distracted by their fashion.

I LOVE Sharapova's dress! Young, fresh, sporty, flattering and  appropriate. let's face it, whatever she wears looks good...until I try it on :)
Although I think that Oudin's top and tennis skirt are better left on the practice court, I am really loving her shoes. The media are calling them "odd" and "different" I think they are refreshing and PERFECT for the seventeen year-old girl that she is.

As of the third set they appeared evenly matched, however I predict the young Oudin will walk away with the win.
 Sharapova's game is rife with errors and her body language and demeanor tell me she will lose this match... 
Yikes! 21 double faults as of the third set! Is that some kind of record?
Our American- Melanie Oudin won!!!!

I will post the pics of the Sharapova's dress and Oudin's shoes as soon as they become available.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blogger question!

Are you ever solicited by retailers ( in my case preppy retailers) to post about products or sales?
I am and I can tell some fellow bloggers are as well, ( I see the ad I was solicited with in their post.)

I have to say it bothers me a bit. I do like to post about products I actually use, love, admire, notice...

I don't like being used by manufacturers or businesses to shill their products when they aren't even sure if I am aware of said products.
 Even if they did the right thing and sent me a sample or wrote a personal email (rather than the usual "preppy style" form email with 30 other names on the mailing list) I would feel duplicitous  and manipulative in regard to the people that read my blog.

I am not holier than thou. If an amazing product came to my attention and I actually liked it, after receiving a sample of course, I would promote it! 

Until then, when I receive unsolicited requests to promote products...
I will hit- delete.
What do you think?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VERY Sperry!

Have you noticed? 
Most college kids are wearing Sperry Top-siders. 
 I predict a trickle down affect and that by Spring you will see the high school crowd wearing them too. 
It isn't just the kids. The NYC fashionistas are sporting them too, especially the guys.
At the urban outfitters in the NY area, they are the footwear of choice. The hot pink pair above is part of a hot colored line developed with the uber fashionable boutique, Jeffery's, in NYC.
These grey, suede beauties are perfect for my guys.
YOU know I need these.
These denim and blue patent top-siders would look so cute with the new denim leggings and a polo or starched white button-down.

If you are starting to think of Christmas gifts these might be something interesting to put under the tree... they might not even know they want them.