Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bee pollen

Heard anything about it?
All I know is I have started taking a bee pollen capsule each day and here are my results:
  1. My knees don't hurt.
  2. Don't really want that glass of (gasp!) wine every night.
  3. Have lost (without effort) 8lbs so far.
  4. Lots of energy.
Nothing really. I am clenching my jaw while sleeping, actually waking myself up. I am eliminating VERY frequently (if you know what I mean.)

So, have you ever tried bee pollen supplements? If so, what was your experience?
Heard any negative info on bee pollen, other than shouldn't take if allergic to bee stings?

I have done my research but I am very interested in anything that you have heard or experienced.


Pink Martini said...

Glad to hear you are having positive effects. My M.i.l. would take bee pollen and royal jelly but I don't know what it did for her. I like The Zone Omega 3 capsules. Very pure, no burping or after taste and I have the same results as you. I was also taking turmeric (the spice)and still do when I think of it. I am just not consistent when taking things.

Misty said...

Let me know how it goes, I am allergic to bee stings so I have always been hesitant.

Somer Love said...

hmm so you can't take it if your allergic? Well knock on wood I have never been stung I am very afraid of bees!!!!

Frau said...

Interesting never heard of it but like the results!

kks said...

intriguing.....tell us more....i've recently changed my diet, organic, no preservatives...only been a couple days...will let you know..

Paula said...

I haven't heard of taking bee pollen as a supplement, but it sounds like it is doing some good things for you!

Anonymous said...

've heard they are great for you but because I'm so allergic to pollen I wondered if I could take them or not...but 8lbs? who cares- maybe I will take them!

Ina in Alaska said...

As usual, another interesting and thought provoking post. I have not taken bee pollen but have written down Pink Martini's brand and will try it. I like your results but no wine at night could be a bad idea.....

I have recently put on some lbs due to the wedding and summer houseguests and also have been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in one knee, which I thought for the longest time was a strained hamstring which would not quit hurting. For this, I have begun to get relief from glucosamine-condroytin (Triple Flex 50+) and now I take fish oil capsules, and Vitamin D, and will add the BP to this mix and keep you all posted.

I have gotten real relief from the pain with the Triple Flex. It was very amazing to me.

Paula Fowler said...

What brand are you taking and what is the dosage? This sounds really interesting. Why does it cut the craving for vino???

preppyplayer said...

Pink- My husband puts tumeric in everything, I believe it helps with inflammation.

Misty- You would not be able to take this because of your allergy.

Somer- You are one lucky girl! Not even one bee sting?

Frau- It is pretty amazing.

Kim- We have been on a natural, organic diet for some time. The bee pollen was unknown to me until recently.

Paula- so far, so good!

Mrs. K- if you are allergic to bee stings, chinese yam, lotus seeds, or chinese wolfberry- this would not be good for you.

Ina- The way I hear it the bee pollen I am taking was used by holistic doctors to reduce cholestoral levels, and a side effect was weight loss.
The gal that is importing it into the country from China has each shipment lab tested to make sure there isn't other substances in the ingrediants. She has lost 40lbs! She is trying to get FDA approval so that she can market it on qvc.

Paula- I am not sure why, but it did for me. When I googled it to learn more about bee pollen I found that some others had the same result...

Susan said...

Wow...new one for me...never heard of it...will catch up w/ you and learn more about it! I'm babying my back...crew is NOT helping - determined to keep going - maybe I'll try it!

Karen Andre said...

Hey that is what I was calling you about you are supposed to share some of that Chineese crack with me!!!Leave me some and I will pick up tomorrow if you can. Love ya thanks, Karen

Caffeine Court said...

Very interesting! I might have to give this a try!!

You always have the best tips.