Saturday, January 31, 2009

Greek Fishing hat vs. Greek hat

Have you ever had a conversation that is really two conversations? Like, I 'm asking about  Greek  fishing hats and she thinks I'm asking about hats for her sorority...
as in GREEK hats!!!  
It doesn't sound like there would be much of a difference, but obviously a huge difference.

Basketball Coach Gifts

So, it is almost the end of the basketball season and it is time to start thinking about the coach...  Does he or she really need another mug?,
my web site, is a one stop shop for coach gifts.  We have the basketball gift wrap,
The basketball car magnet,
The basketball bag watch,
The basketball cell charm,
The basketball desk clock,
and the large basketball coach card, big enough for the team to sign.
So if you are starting to think about end of the season banquets, team dinners, or team parties and want something to give to the coach or team that reflects the sport....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Penguin Sportswear, they're still around!

Penguin sportswear, especially the golf shirts are such classics, iconic really. I was surprised to see not only are they still in business, but that they have stepped it up.
I think this polo is so fresh because the white piping really makes the color pop!
This zip cardigan manages to look up-to-date, preppy and trendy- all at the same time.
I'm thinking my sons ages 24 and 23 would really like this brand, which is funny considering it was something their grandfather might have worn playing golf back in the day!

Thursday/Friday Blogger Profile

OK, I'm a day late- but here it is, BLOGGER PROFILE!

the Frau
I have known the Frau since, well...since she was born. 
This is because she is my sister!

The Frau and her family moved to Germany this past summer and will be there at least two years due to her husband's job. Even though she moved a lot, (I think she went to four highschools growing up), this was a tough move. It was very stressful as her husband went to Germany a few months earlier and the Frau was left to pack up, settle things and navigate the move- oh and calm down an upset teenager who was leaving all her friends and relatives!

Once they arrived in Germany the stress level increased, if that is possible! Apparently, you don't want to move to Europe in August as everyone is "on holiday" or on strike.  She couldn't get service people to her home, there was no electricity for days, her cellphone wasn't correct, and no internet access!

Her emails, ( from her husband's work) and her phonecalls ( from her husband's cell)  were actually hysterical! I'm sure it wasn't funny to her, but her misadventures and calamities in Germany kept us all amused.

 I have saved some of the emails and if she needs material for a post- I think she should write about some of the "incidents."  Such as her daughter almost recieving a traffic ticket-on her bike!
When there was no electricity and a note was left to explain-but it was in German. Normally she would go to the computer to translate- but there was NO ELECTRICITY!!

I think this whole experience has been tough for her, but very empowering. I think it has brought them closer as a family as they must rely on each other so much. We do miss them and look forward to visiting this summer.

In the meantime, I have really enjoyed reading her blog and having her tell of her latest adventure or mishap. I reccomend her blog, (and not just because she is my sis and I love her so much) and I think you will have a lot of laughs and get to know a wonderful person.
Check it out!

UGG consensus...

I know this might not be popular with MANY of my readers, (see comments from last post) but I have to agree with Susan from
To me, UGGS are glorified slippers! 
There, I said it!

I know they're comfy, but there is no support, my feet ache if I am standing or walking in them for any length of time. They are NOT pretty, especially when they become stained from wear. They are warm, I'll give you that.

And, I am certain that ten years from now people will look back at pics and say, " How did we ever wear those ugly things?!"

And, I know all of you will say, " But they were sooo comfortable!"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black Steve Madden Boots Vs. Black UGGS

Do you see a difference, a big difference?
I don't.
But apparently, UGGS are not as popular as the new "it" boot, suede Steve Madden's.
Am I missing something?
Does it need to be said that I am talking about teenage styles here?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A public service announcement! Urgent!

Thanks to my friend OHN at  I have been alerted that all along there has been a way to get a sheet of foil or plastic without wrestling with the roll coming out of the box.
Who knew?
I am officially indebted to her.

A good, hot soak.

I like baths. I find them soothing, relaxing and medicinal. 
Medicinal,  both mentally and physically. 

I love baths on a wintery, bone chilling morning. I get some of my best ideas in the bath.
I always add bath salt to my bath. At first I would get the Dead Sea bath salts or any pretty "spa style" salts I found, like the purple salts shown above.  I would choose salts that had a wonderful scent adding an aromatherapy aspect to my bathing experience.

However, I did some research ( I like to do that!)  Which is why I now use Epsom salt in my bath.
 Yep, that's right, Epsom salt.
 I've learned that Epsom salt is Magnesium sulfate. Magnesium has many healing properties. It prevents hardening of the arteries, assists in nerve function, eliminates toxins and metals from cells and helps regulate insulin.
Sulfates stimulate the pancreas and mutin proteins.

Adding Epsom salt to the bath helps draw toxins out of the body, while allowing the skin to absorb the healing sulfates.  Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind needed amounts of serotonin, ( a mood-elevating chemical) within the brain creating a feeling of relaxation and calm.  Epsom salt is a NATURAL way to relax the body.

Now, it doesn't come in a very attractive box, the salts are plain white, and there is absolutely no scent- but I promise that you will feel better after a long, hot soak in an Epsom salt bath.
To get my aromatherapy in there, I light a candle.
Let me know if you decide to take an Epsom bath or if you already do, I'm interested :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Brunch at Pastis

After the Gift show Becky and I met Josh for a very late brunch at Pastis, a favorite restaurant of mine, over in the meatpacking district. It can be said that this bistro is a bit touristy, what isn't in NYC?
I will tell you that is was packed, at 3:30pm- for brunch...  But, it was great. The energy there is high, the staff is always so friendly, (not always the norm in NYC), the food is good, and the people watching is great.

 I felt as though I was in Paris, ( could it have been the euro-crowd?)
 The windows were all fogged up as it was so cold out and the noise was deafening, in a good way.

I really do recommend this restaurant, especially if you are a preppy francophile like me!

It's on its way!

I am in the mood for a snow storm. 
It is so weird to me that two days in advance we know that a big storm is coming our way. People are franticly preparing- buying groceries, firewood, salt for the walkways, and making sure all the shovels and snow blowers are ready.

Me? I make sure we have enough reading material, logs for the fire, DVD's, and wine.  We also like to bake and make soup when we are stuck home, so I buy supplies for those activities.
Yes, I am ready for a snow day and it's only Monday!

NYC Gift show, Jacob Javits Center Part III

I wholesale to a few hair salons and my stylist/magician has asked me to see if I can get the bracelets shown above. She bought one in an expensive boutique in Hoboken. I was so excited that I found the designer as there are THOUSANDS of exhibits at the show. She is going to be very excited.

The other pics are some items that my daughter really liked. I like the pretty make-up cases, so colorful. But Becky really loved the glitter, metalic clutches. Hmmm, not really my style.
However the whole reason I brought her WAS to get another perspective, the teen perspective.
Thinking about it. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

NYC Gift show, Jacob Javits Center Part II

I am reviewing all the lines that I liked today and these two groups are potential orders.
The purse mirrors are pretty, practical, and personal.
The straw bags are high quality and elegant.
I'm sure about the mirrors, but I am not sure that the bags are right for my customer as they seem a little too  high end. I try to keep my price point reasonable and these bags are very pricey. We're talking $$175.00 retail. I try to keep all my bags under $75.
 Hmmm, I do like them though...

preppy lacrosse key fobs-

Saw mucho key fobs at the gift show...
I think our pretty, lacrosse key fobs are better than any I saw!

NYC Gift show, Jacob Javits Center

Spent the day at the gift show. 
My feet are KILLING me! Well worth it though.
I usually, no always, vow to not place an order until I am home. The show can be overwhelming and it is very possible to get caught up and order up a storm...

So, although I have a lot of plans for springtime orders and I DID try not to order anything,
I did place a large order with this company,
Because I am a vendor at Horse shows, lacrosse tournaments and other uber preppy events, I really think these totes will fly. They are great quality and cool designs and I think my customers will love them.
What do you think?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holiday Logos

First off, I am a huge fan of Google.  Google is my primary search engine. One thing I always look forward to is when Google changes its logo on holidays to reflect that holiday.
 I did a bit of research as I was interested in who exactly is responsible for this? And I was surprised to find out it is one man, an artist from Korea, Dennis Hwang.

He creates the festive logos on Google to commemorate holidays or special events.
This started in 2000, when he was asked by Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to honour Bastille Day with a special logo. Since then he alone designs about 50 logos a year.

I assumed that it was many different artists. Above are pictured some of my favorites from last year and I included the Martin Luther King Day logos from the last four years. I think this year is the most amazing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey, what do you think? designed this spiffy new business card for my new website I will be launching this Spring. I think she did a wonderful job and she was very easy to work with. 
Amber does a lot of blog, web site, and business designs and I love her style.

What DO you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red wine is medicinal, isn't it?

So here's a secret, on purpose I have only had two glasses of red wine since New Years.
That is 22 days ago. But, who's counting?
I AM!!!
I hope I don't sound like an alcoholic because I don't think I am...  Although, being so aware of how long it's been since I've had a glass of red might be suspicious.

Let me give you some back story.
You see, almost every night as I am making dinner I would have a ritual.
 Picture this: 6 pm, kids doing homework, I am in the kitchen at the stove, dogs at my feet,
 ( when they were alive, but is is a nice picture, no?) I  usually have some type of apple cinnamon candle burning, good music playing and- A glass of RED WINE.
It was something I looked forward to every night, kind of like my carrot for all the errands and driving I had done all day. And, it was a nice wind down.

However, the pounds have started to creep on over the last couple of years and though I know I can blame peri-menopause, calorie intake, too much time on the computer instead of up and down my stairs doing chores- I thought it might be interesting to see if eliminating that glass and occasional two glass of red would culminate in a thinner me.

So far, no. I haven't lost a pound, maybe because I am substituting (unconsciously) desert as a reward?  Maybe, God forbid, because I have to continue this abstinence for a much longer time to see results?
 I miss my wine!
Do you think that I was too rigid, that maybe I can still have my beloved ritual a few times a week? 

Boys and Thank you notes....

A card that is in season!
Our most popular design.
Sports note cards are perfect for boys to use as thank you notes. It is never easy to get a child to do the right thing and write a proper thank you. On our web site, 
we sell boxed note cards with twelve different sport designs, something for everyone.

My friend and neighbor Ann and I began our business because, as parents, we could never find cards for coaches big enough for the team to sign. We decided to do something about it. We also wanted designs that were bold, graphic and active, sophisticated enough to give to a coach and action packed enough for a child.

We produced large cards and then decided to also produce note cards, gift wrap, and posters all  using the same bold colorful designs. And although all our products sell very well. The sport specific note cards really move. When we asked our retailers why, we heard over and over that mothers buy them to use as thank you notes.
Makes sense to me.

Urgent question!!!

Ladies, I have a customer that has not received a $300 order that I sent priority one week ago.

OF COURSE, I forgot to put delivery confirmation or insurance on it. 
Do you know, if I have my receipt, if there is any way they can track my package or at least confirm it was delivered?
I feel so DUMB.

Miss Clairol

It's time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Selfless Souls

Today I was thinking about 
Martin Luther King- a lot. 
I was thinking about our new president's call to service to recognize the day. 

I read a blog that suggested ways to be of service, small ways. Gather unused clothing to donate or give blood.  
By that I was  reminded of Saint Theresa, a saint recognized and beloved by Catholics because of her ordinariness,  her "little ways" to holiness.

And then, because this is how my mind works, (random thoughts jumbled together!) I thought of Mother Theresa, her work and her selflessness. 
And then I was back to Martin Luther King, his work and his selflessness.
Selfless Souls.

NYC Monday- Ice skating in Bryant Park

Did you know about Bryant park and Ice skating?
I didn't!
Bryant Park is located behind the New York Public Library on 6th avenue between 40th and 41st street. During the winter there is an ice rink  there which is sponsored by Citi Bank.
And, the ice skating is... FREE.
Yes, it's true. There is a charge to rent skates or rent a locker, but that is it.

 Today Becky, Kevin and I decided to give it a whirl... or a twirl. Which is something I can actually do on ice skates. We had so much fun. It was a beautiful day in New York and we arrived early enough to avoid the mid day crowds. The ice was perfect and the atmosphere amazing, very different from the skate pond in our town!
I meant to bring a camera, but my older son was able to snap a pic of us with his cell phone-not too bad for a cell photo.

We stayed for a few hours and then made our way home. It felt good to do something we had never done and to be outside on a winter day.