Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scout wristlets vs. Vera Bradley wristlets

Let's compare, shall we?

Scout Tote-all :

Size: 5.25in.(W) x 3.25in.(H) x 1in.(D
Big enough for any cell phone
ID slot
Inside pocket
Outside velcro pocket
Water resistant
Coated cotton

Vera Bradley Carry It All Wristlet:

3¼" x 5½" x ¾" 


Four card slots

Zippered coin pouch

ID window and a bill slot

Designed to fit large mobile phones
$42.00 on http://www.verabradley.com

Obviously I am biased as I do sell Bungalow Scout wristlets.... I feel as though Scout wristlets are for sporty, active girls. They work in a gym bag, lax bag or back pack. 

By virtue of the water resistant material they are made of-  they can go anywhere!
Certainly you don"t want to throw them overboard or in the pool- but they can tolerate a splash of water or a spilled soda.

Vera Bradley does top Scout in that there are 34 designs to choose from. I sell 4.
BUT, Scout wristlets are $20
Vera Bradley?
Enough said?

Friday, March 15, 2013


It sure was awesome skiing in Utah last month.
As many of you know my family has lived there for the last 30 years and I consider it my second home.
But this year was different.
Usually we have a group skiing. My husband, kids, my sister, her kids, maybe another sister and her kids....
This year?
Just a few of us.
Normally,  the large group of us get there 8am. We ski and ski. We stop for a cookie and coffee and then ski some more. We eat a late, lingering lunch-  complete with beer and wine, and then ski until the place closes.

This year?

My sister was nice enough to drive, but we get there at 10:30 and are done by 3:00...
And why not?

There are three of us. We ski so many more runs when you are not in a big group. we skied and skied. Short lunch. Probably did more skiing than usual.

It still was sad.

I missed the old days of our big groups and tail gates after, all our apres-de-ski stories and comparisons.
I thought I loved skiing. I now know I love skiing with my family and friends and that it isnt the same without them

In the future?

I won't be going to Utah again without my posse.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Once a week I go to puppy school with little LuLu. 
We, and the emphasis is on we are learning about animal behavior, positive reinforcement, pack mentality, establishing who is the leader/the boss, and so much more.

The most important lessons I come away with each week is that a puppy with good manners/behaviour is a puppy people want to be around, that training a puppy is a lot of consistency, repetitiveness, and hard work.
There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

Which leads me to thinking about parents and children. 

Very often I notice children with bad manners. The parents must not notice the dirty looks from other adults. They must not realize that their children aren't asked on play dates or to many parties, or included in plans other mothers make for afternoon excursions. They must excuse complaints from teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

The parents of bad mannered children must not notice that most other children do not run around stores, interrupt conversations, take food without asking, ignore adult directions. They must not notice that well mannered children always say thank you and please, do not correct adults, accept gifts with a thank you (even if they would rather have something else), help when they see an adult carrying in groceries, or clearing a table.

And I feel the same way about children with bad manners as I do about puppies when we leave puppy school...
That there are no bad children, just lazy parents.
That a child with good manners and social skills is a child people want to be around. That making sure you have a well mannered child is a lot of consistent, repetitive, hard work.

Monday, March 4, 2013

In on the joke

I sell pillows.
During the winter I sell holiday and ski theme pillows. People love them and I sell quite a lot.
What I really should say is women love them because that is whom primarily buy them from me.

The first week in February I start to get in my Summer/Spring pillows. They are beach and animal themed. They sell well as the weather gets warmer. People tend to give them as hostess gifts as a thank you for a stay at a beach house or as a housewarming gift for a newly purchased summer home.
Because of this I tend to bring the pillows to events in April and on.

For some reason I brought a few pillows to a gym I was selling at the week before Valentines day, I think I was in the mood for Spring and the pillows made me feel as though we are getting closer...

Well, thank goodness I did because I wouldn't have had a charming story to share:

I had just set up my table when an elderly gentleman walked up and started chuckling.

I said, "Ok what's so funny about my table?!"

He said," Its not your table, its my wife, I mean your pillow!"

I said, "Huh? What?" Ok, you got to explain that one!"

He laughed a little bit more and picked up the long pillow that said LIVE BAIT.

He went onto explain,
You see, my wife is a very pretty, sweet, and proper lady and I love her to death. She still continues to surprise and amaze me every day and every once in awhile?
She REALLY surprises me!
One day we were driving up to our lake house for a day of fishing and I saw a fish and tackle store, it had a big sign, LIVE BAIT.  I said to my wife, "Oh look honey, Live bait. Should we stop and get some?"
 She looked at me, shook her head and said, "There was a time where I was considered LIVE BAIT!"
And then she burst out laughing. Well, we both laughed for awhile. So when I saw this pillow it made me laugh reminding me that my pretty and proper wife can still surprise me.

He put the pillow back and made his way out the door still smiling and I had a smile too as that was a nice way to begin my day of work.

About three hours later there he was back again! He explained that he had gone to work and thought about it, the pillow would be a perfect valentines gift for his wife, it would be their private joke and a way to let her know that he thought she still was LIVE BAIT! He bought the pillow smiling from ear to ear.

This little encounter made my day and now you too, are in on their inside joke.