Sunday, August 25, 2013

My girls-

I love my girls.
Love my boys too!
However, there is a definite benefit to having daughters in a male dominated family-
Built. In. Allies.
My three sons and husband prefer movies that involve tons of car chases, sci fi, and... violence.
My girls?
We can watch you tube videos of reunited army vets and their family or pets all night( tissues included) or Bridesmaids for the umpteenth time.
Lana Del Ray on Pandora- Check!
Chilled white wine- check!
Look thru old pics, watch old home movies, or read baby books- check!

When I worry about my sixteen-year-old son and EVERYTHING he does and EVERYWHERE he goes?
My husband and my two sons scoff, shrug, wink and laugh with each other...
My daughters knowingly shake their heads in agreement with me and rub my arm to comfort me.
They, like me, text him to be careful.

We are kindred souls.
And now-
One is off to college and the other has... gulp... left to live in NYC.
I will miss them both so much.
On the other hand, because I love them so much?
I am so happy and excited for them! I can't wait to hear about their adventures and experiences.
A whole new chapter...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wide legged pants- let's discuss.

Went to new York shows this Summer. ( the normal apparel shows where the clothing that is actually sold in stores is shown)

Saw A LOT of wide leg, patterned pants.
They were worn with flats, heels, or wedges.
Saw them with tanks, blouses, and tight turtle necks.

Not sure what I think....

Part of me thinks that they are a split version of the long skirt, ( Which will still be around next Spring and Summer by the way!) the other part of me thinks that they resemble pajama bottoms.

The patterns do distract from any figure flaws ( wide hips, protruding tummy) but I still think these pants may be best on the under 30 set.

Although... A really dressy pair with a tight back t-neck and black heels might be a nice holiday outfit.

Jury it out.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Over the years....

 The last few years my son's friend's sister has brought her brother and 3 friends to Six Flags- including my son. They all look forward to it and have many traditions involved in their annual trip.
One being that they take a picture on the same bench, in the same order each year.
I'm so glad they do!