Saturday, October 31, 2009

ski-in ski-out rental property at Copper Mountain, Colorado

I know I have written about the amazing
ski-in ski-out rental property at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
But I don't think you know... that they have already received a foot of snow!!!
In fact here is a press release:

Copper Mountain, CO - With a foot of fresh snow this week, Colorado's Copper Mountain ski resort is scheduled to open for the winter season on Friday, Nov. 6, with top to bottom skiing and riding and Lift Off, Copper’s 5th annual opening weekend festival.

I am so psyched! What a great start to a (hopefully) terrific ski season. So please do not forget to check out this rental property at Timber Valley. I highly recommend it :)

Oh, and if you want to check out the snow, click on the link below and catch the "Copper Cam!"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cabbage Night Extortion

The night before Halloween in Northern NJ is called many things.
In our town most call it Cabbage Night.
All the kids in town go out after dark and create mischief. Most of it is harmless and you really can't get mad. My kids used to wait in our bushes and try to catch whomever would dare attempt to toilet paper our house or soap our cars. I have been known to point a hose at a large group of mischief makers. ( all in fun, really!)

And I am quite positive that my children have papered houses and wrote with shaving cream on neighbors sidewalks. We do draw the line on eggs, too destructive. We made them travel in a group and they had a curfew.

I have to report that this year may be different. I found the note below taped to my door last night.
I am wondering if I should be concerned or give Andrew (whoever he is) props for taking advantage of the opportunity.

Are you picturing what I am?
A mini Tony Soprano, who for a certain amount of money ($5) will protect us from mischief and mayhem?
Or a cute boy with garbage bags, sponges and mops cleaning up the next morning?

Remember, we live in Northern NJ folks...

platform tennis et moi

Platform tennis,( paddle), is a passion of mine.
Ina asked me what have I been up to as she hasn't read any mention of tennis or paddle in my blog.
How could that be? Considering that I am playing 4-5 times a week... I think I don't write about it much because most people do not even know what paddle is.

So I think I will just write about paddle and how it relates to me. ( it's all about me!)
Here it goes.
First you should know that I like to play competitively and I like to win. If I don't win I don't sulk and I'm not in a bad mood the rest of the day. I turn the page.
But, if I do win?
I am very pleasant to be around.
I play on an inter club team, B level. ( some day I'll be an A! The teams start at E)

And I play on a state team. We travel around the state playing other clubs and then we have lunch. I play on series 7 and 9. We started on 13.

For me the game serves as a good workout, good exercise, and provides a social life with great women who like to compete and be out doors during the winter.
That's right, it's an outdoors, WINTER sport.
Freezing cold?
Sleet, snow, ice?
We're out there and half the time we are in shirt sleeves as you work up a sweat playing this game.

My paddle partner and I also play in tournaments. We just played in a fundraiser over in NY this week. It was at Fox Meadow, seen below.
Fox Meadow is a beautiful, old club where the game originated. The people are so nice and it was a pleasure to play there.
Unfortunately... we had to play in the pouring rain... ALL DAY!!!!
And, the tournament wasn't run very well or very organized.
Another problem?
The food was terrible. It was disappointing. Thank God the paddle was good.

The club shown above.
This drawing is found in many a paddle club.
Very vintage. it's from back in the day when the men and women would play in sweaters, chinos, and Keds.
Now we all wear Nike black exercise pants, tennis shoes and tees.
Let me know if you have ever played :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Frau!

I hope I am the first person in the United States to wish you a Happy Birthday!
And maybe Germany?

Alles gute zum Geburtstag!

Love you my dear sister. I think this will be your best year yet!

Please head over and wish the frau a Happy birthday on October 30th and tell her that her favorite sister sent you, (self-proclaimed.)

I can't resist!

My friend Susan sent me this, I love it!
Although I think of myself as a liberal Republican/conservative Democrat aka nonpartisan, my husband leans severely towards the Republican side.

If I were to show him this? I think he would think it illustrates his idea of how democrats work!
Thanks Susan!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fleur de lis

Brought a bunch of these back. 
Not only are they meaningful, ( symbol of New Orleans since Katrina), they are very functional and some would say... necessary!

I think they will be the perfect hostess gifts during the holidays. The perfect addition to the gift closet.


Well, I'm home.
The highlight of my trip? ( other than time away with hubby)
As I wrote that... my mouth started watering! 
Seriously. We went there twice. 
There is always a wait and it is always worth it. Not only is the service great, the atmosphere amazing, and the prices right...
It's all about the OYSTERS!!!
You should know that months ending in the letter "r" are the best time to eat oysters.
I am here to tell  you that October is just fine.
We had the char grilled oysters by the dozens. They are char grilled in the shell with butter, a little garlic and  Parmesan cheese. So, SO good. The gumbo was excellent as was the soft shell crab. 
However, all around us and everywhere you looked?
OYSTERS, shucked and eaten raw or chargrilled. My slice of heaven!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Charles in Charge?

And we're off!
This is my children's new "daddy" for 4 days...
In the past I would have been afraid. Very afraid.
But my husband and I feel like he has come into his own, very responsible, conservative, mature.
This was confirmed when I told my fifteen year-old daughter that we were leaving big brother in charge.
Her reaction?
"Oh no! He's not going to let us do anything!"
If you only knew how ironic that was :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Orleans, Laissez les bon temps rouler!

I'm not there yet!
But I will be. We're leaving on Saturday morning for a four day break, business for hubby, pleasure for me.
New Orleans is one of our favorite places. 
Our son went to school there for,
 ahem ...cough..cough.. five years, so we know it well. 
We have lots of traditions, places we eat at at or go to- each and every time. We also try new restaurants and adventures each time we go.
So here's the plan!
This time we are staying in "the quarter" as the french quarter is referred to locally.
Don't worry though, we will make it uptown too.
We are not renting a car this time and will make due with street cars as our mode of transportation.
First day? definitely head down to Cafe du Monde,
For this!
And I'm sure we will cross the street to Jackson Square to finish our coffee and for a  walk around.
Then, how about uptown for early cocktails at The Columns. You might remember that this is where we had a graduation party for our son.
Or- we could go to the Monkey Hill Bar and say hi for our sonny boy. He used to work there.
Big plan? Dinner at Jacques-Imo's is something we have tried to do for years, the wait is horrific. I say we give it a try.
We might return to a famous courtyard restaurant, Court of Two Sisters. Brunch is a favorite there- although expensive.
A good meal and great margaritas, ( not expensive) can be had at The Superior Grill
In five years we have never gone to The Camellia Grill... I think it's time we gave it a try.
Cafe Degas is recommended by many.  The brunch menu is unique, it's on the "try" list.
Of course shopping on Magazine St. is a MUST. I always come back with an antique or a dress. New Orleans is crazy like that. It will be sad not to have my shopping companions ( Beck and Kev) with me. My husband would rather skip this tradition.
I definitely will take a carriage ride. We do every time and it never gets old. It is well worth the money. I learn something new every time as each driver has his or her own take on the "quarter." They all like to show you Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's mansion. Except, it's a different one every time. New Orleans is crazy like that!
We have done many things in New Orleans, but never one of the cemetery tours.
 It's time!
I know it seems weird, but everyone is buried above ground in New Orleans due to hurricanes and flooding. You can imagine a washed away cemetery can't you?
So the cemeteries are beautiful mini cities of the dead. The statuary and architecture of the mausoleums are amazing and as morbid as it sounds- I want to see them!
I'm crazy like that!
One thing I don't want to tell my family is that our favorite breakfast place closed last spring. Bummer.
The Bluebird Cafe survived Katrina and was one of the few restaurants opened the months following the storm. 
So I will let you know what we do and what we eat and drink as that is the best part of New Orleans... oh and the music and the people too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sixty-five roses

Betcha didn't know that sixty-five roses is an easy way to teach a child how to say, cystic fibrosis.

I didn't either.

I learned that today from reading our good family friend, Somer Love's blog.

Somer was diagnosed with CF as a toddler and somewhat miraculously just celebrated her 30th birthday.
You didn't know? I guess you didn't see the two billboards in Salt Lake City celebrating that fact!
 ( Somer is one popular girl!)

Years ago, most people with CF did not even make it out of their teens. Thanks to research and science people like Somer are living longer and longer, Thank God.

Somer is contributing to the cause by selling the necklace pictured above, 65 of them to be precise. The story of the necklace and the ways and means to get one are located at her magnificent blog,

I suggest you visit her blog, you'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween hair redux

I posted this last year around this time, consider this vintage!

To get this "hair raising" look it is very simple. Get an empty water bottle, hold it on the top of your head and then bring all you hair up around the bottle and secure with a pony tail holder. Obviously the longer the hair- the better, sorry boys!
Becky has used this "look" for Halloween and Crazy Hair Day at school many, many, times.
people can never figure it out and it is so easy. let me know if you try it!

The all powerful ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB!!!

So, today was Walk to School Day.
Something I agree with wholeheartedly... in theory.
We live about a half mile from our middle school and it is a very pleasant walk and today would have been no exception as it was a quintessential, Indian summer day.

However, My carpool of two thirteen year-old boys play on the school soccer team. This means in addition to their 50lb backpacks, filled with every book they need, they lug a large duffel filled with soccer stuff making a walk to school... impossible.

My self and the other mother put the kibosh on the walk much to the dismay of the two boys. As I drove them to school I thought  smilingly to myself, "how nice that they are so concerned for the environment, trying to do their part." I was really proud of them. 
They really seemed concerned and bothered that they had to be driven to school...
This should have been a red flag.

As we neared the school, I see them whispering to each other and peering ahead. All of a sudden they both yell, "STOP!"
I'm like, "What is the matter?"
In unison, " the Environmental Club is up there, we have to hurry!!" In my naivete I'm thinking that maybe they are running to join them and help out...

Oh no. they were actually trying to hurry and run away from the all powerful club before they were spotted exiting my car.
Too late.
The club spotted them and came running over to confront the natural energy consumers, ( my car pool.)
You should have heard the excuses, the blame (on their mothers), and the apologies.

If you want to scare your kids or get them to do something?
I suggest the Environmental Club, they kick ass.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jack Wills...protest!

Jack Wills, Brit preppy outfitter. I'm a big fan.
However... please tell me what warrants this lovely scarf to be priced at,

I am STILL scarf crazy!!

But rugby stripes are calling my name!
Very unisex, no?

nail polish- which are you?

Are you buffed? 
If so,  you are most likely conservative, practical, and efficient.
Do you prefer neutral colors?
If so, you may be the type to play it "safe."  Not a big risk-taker. 
Do you like bold colors, long nails? You are confident and like attention. You may be a wee bit self conscious.
Black nails? You could be the adventurous type. You may like to keep up on trends, feel "young."
These nails? You are out to shock or impress... you may live in another country or culture.
I hope.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favorite, new product and why!

Fingerless gloves are crazy popular and I'm selling them.
Because they are PERFECT for texting!
And, if you have any type phone that needs the warmth of a finger- normal gloves do not work

As for that Mennonite lady who passed me, I think she should get a pair.
image from

What more could happen?

Ode to a Lacrosse Tournament

Spent all day packing my truck,
was running late without any luck.
Got on the road, the rain was pelting,
3 and 1/2 hours white knuckle driving.
Thinking about all the money I'd make,
seeing vendor friends as sweet as cake.
One half hour before I see my hotel,
I get a bad call on my fricking cell.
Tournament canceled.

Lame poem for a lame tourney weekend.  
Of course I bought a lot of cool stuff that I couldn't wait to debut.
And, I had to pay for my hotel. So, I slept over and made the 4 hour drive BACK home this morning.
Folks, this has NOT been a good week.
 No Jersey housewives in that part of Maryland. 
Although a Mennonite lady aggressively passed me in her little Honda Accord. I thought they didn't drive cars, just horses...

Friday, October 16, 2009

How it was...

The good:
  1. Great DJ
  2. festive atmosphere
  3. topnotch vendors, from as far away as Delaware!
  4. passed hor d'oeuvres and wine flowing all night.
  5. Huge, huge crowd of "shoppers."
  6. did some great shopping for Christmas!
The bad:
  1. Too many vendors for the amount of space
  2. not organized regarding set-up, very chaotic.
  3. Shoppers weren't actually shopping much...
  4. Too high of a vendor fee considering the amount of space for each vendor.
  5. Food, other than the cheese and fruit was TERRIBLE!
  6. I spent too much money.
The ugly:
Besides my mood?
  1. Barely covered my fee.
  2. My "preppy" table couldn't have been more foreign to this demographic.
  3. The Jersey girl look ( high, high heels, tight, tight, jeans, gaudy everything, too much hair and make-up) does NOT fly if you are over 30. ( personally I don't think it EVER flies.)
  4. I didn't recognize ONE person from my area which explains the lack of interest in preppy anything.
  5. Listening to true jersey accents all night, my ears still hurt!
  6. Feeling snobby, not a way I like to be. I was actually eye rolling all night- I never do that!!!!
The skinny:
Basically all the people that showed up were there to see Theresa and Jacqueline, ( the Jersey Housewives) to eat and drink, hang out.  
90% of the "shoppers" looked like mini me versions of any of the women on the show. If you watch that show you have an idea of why I barely sold anything.
NOT a pink and green crowd... at all.

As for the housewives, their "people" set up their booths and the housewives showed up an hour into the event. They seemed very nice, took pictures with people all evening while their minions worked their booth. Theresa's daughter, Gia?, was there and was very tiny and cute. That's all the dirt I have on them :)

So even though this event was held in the most preppy of towns, Ridgewood, NJ ( they refer to themselves as "The village of Ridgewood!) the crowd that attended was as far away from preppy as you could ever imagine.
I did not belong there.
Lesson learned.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SASSY SHOP GIRL EVENTS- not great if you're a vendor :(

Say it three times fast! Sassy Shop Girl Events is producing a fundraiser in Ridgewood, NJ on Thursday night, October 15th. As I've mentioned before, I will be a vendor at this event and it is for a very good cause,
Unfortunately, I paid $400 to be there for four hours. It was produced well, but vendors are way overcharged. I would do a sassy shop girl event again for half the price ( the normal vendor fee.)

This gal will be a vendor there...
And so will she!

I hope they don't get mad at me when I sell so much more than them!

Thanks to the frau!

My darling sister, The Frau over at gave me some type of award that I'm sure I don't deserve which included this one word meme. 

This came in handy as my posting has been spotty. Please feel free to cut and paste and try it yourself- not that easy!

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Your hair? dyed

3. Your mother? Irish

4. Your father? mutt

5. Your favorite food? sushi

6. Your dream last night? none

7.Your favorite drink? coffee

8. Your dream/goal? Dream: peace - Goal: health

9. What room are you in? Office

10. Your hobby? Blogging!

11. Your fear? heights

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Beach

13. Where were you last night? Mt. Fuji

14. Something that you aren't? patient

15. Muffins? bran

16. Wish list item? KITCHEN!!!!

17. Where did you grow up? college

18. Last thing you did? shower

19. What are you wearing? sweats

20. Your TV? off

21. Your pet? heaven

22. Friends? valued

23. Your life? grateful

24. Your mood? Good!

25. Missing someone? always

26. Vehicle? old

27. Something you're not wearing? bra

28. Your favorite store? Nordstrom

29. Your favorite color? Green

30. When was the last time you laughed? morning

31. Last time you cried? commercial

32. Your best friend? funny

33. One place that I go to over and over? NYC

34. One person who emails me regularly? partner

35. Favorite place to eat?  home

 I really enjoyed that!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn Street Fair

Left at 6:30 this morning for the last street fair ( for me) of 2009.

I am grateful because this year was too darn rainy and I am constantly checking the weather reports.
I am sad because they are such a pleasant environment to work. I meet lots of great people, make good bucks, and I love to be outside. (especially during good weather!)

I was able to,spend the day with my younger daughter. She is working off all the $$$ I have put towards the gazillion Sweet Sixteen dresses, shoes, gifts, etc. She did such a good job and was a real good sport so she made some money too :)

All in all?
A great day.
I love my job. Most of the time...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are!

Is anyone else looking forward to seeing one of the most popular and beloved children's literary classics brought to life in a film debuting on October 16th?

Copper Mountain Vacation, ski-in – ski-out

It's time to start planning!
If you are looking for a Copper Mountain Vacation, ski in- ski out, I know the place for you and I highly recommend it. The Timber Creek Condominium Complex is where most people who ski Copper want to stay.
Timbers Edge, are two premium units in a prime location owned by the same group of folks.
One unit, Moose lodge is what people think of when they think staying mountainside. Can't you just picture the apres de ski fun? Lots of room for card games, football game viewing, eating, drinking all by a roaring fire.
The second unit called, Bear lodge, offers some of the same amenities and all of the charm.
And let me know if you decide to visit :)