Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Would You Rather?

We played this great game on Christmas Eve. Although there were too many of us to really get it going, I think that it will be a fun game to play throughout the holidays.
Basically, the game is that you are given a choice of questions to answer or challenges to perform that are outrageous or impossible. You or your team has to choose what they would rather answer or do.

So, on this cold, icy, blustery day I was thinking about the game and thought I would pose my own personal, Would You Rather?

 La Jolla
 75 degrees

Blue skies, sunshine

New Jersey, 22 degrees- Lots of snow.
I think you know what I would rather!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Black swan?

Hated it.
Am I the only one?
Got great reviews....
All I can say?
Stay away if you like interesting story lines and don't want to see masturbation or lesbian scenes-
To me-WAY to gratuitous!
The dancing was lovely, although I was distracted wondering if it was really Natalie Portman dancing...
And I was also distracted by Barbara Hershey, wondering when she finally wised up and deflated her lips...
Ok, I admit it. It doesn't take much to distract me from the fantasy of a movie. Remember how distracted I was by all the wigs Bella/Kristin Stewart wore in Eclipse.
So, if you liked it or even loved it please don't be upset with me.
It isn't you, it must be me, my distractions and my dislike of lame movies.

It was a great day!

 Lots of gifts

 fire started

 we always open stockings first...
 in the den.

 then we went to the kitchen to open gifts!

 and ate some more!

 time for a nap?

 dinner in our pj's cuz no company this year!
we always do scratch-off lottery tickets

 some of us need help to read the directions
 and some of us aren't so happy when we don't win :(
But we all received toys and jokes in our Christmas crackers!
 She was a winner.
 Nope, even her new droid couldn't help her win!
At least we all wore crowns!
Have a Merry Christmas week!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interesting AND random

I know this pic is not so "Christmasy," but I thought it was interesting.
Because even though it was taken only three years ago it looks SO dated.

 That boy looks like this now-

I mean this!

And our kitchen looks like this:
who talks on a phone with a cord anymore?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Herman's Hermits - There's a Kind of Hush

My friend, Trifit Mom, reminded me of where I used to hear these old songs- during those car rides with Mom and Dad back in the early sixties... ahhh.

Petula Clark - DownTown

Listening to this? I am transported to my 5 year-old self.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mongrams- Christmas spoiler alert!

Hopefully my daughter is so busy with finals that she won't read this!

I am so excited. At a number of boutiques this season there has been a vendor that is VERY popular.
Because she sells cool monogrammed clothing. Not your grandma's stuff.
And she monograms them in creative ways.
She monograms short sleeved sweatshirts with the monogram right below the nape of the neck. She does stretchy, thin blouses with round monograms on the shoulder, silky turtlenecks, and track jackets- all very unique and cool.
The reason I am so excited is that I found a blouse very much like the type this gal sells ( for half the price) AND I brought it to my local monogrammer. For $6 she is putting it on for me. The perfect gift for a girl at college because if anyone borrows it, you know it will eventually be returned.