Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How about this one?

Hat du jour

I always wear a hat at the beach.
Two reasons.

  1. My hair.
  2. The sun.
When you have REALLY curly hair you NEED to wear a hat at the beach and as I've gotten older I am trying to lessen the sun exposure on my face.
Normally I wear a cap like this.
But during the really hot weather such as we have been experiencing in the Northeast lately, caps can feel really...warm...and sweaty.

So I've taken to wearing straw cowboy hats.

 They are light and airy, comfortable too. I feel a bit stylish as well. The ones I wear and now sell aren't YEE HAW! cowboy, more California beachy.

So I'm not talking,

Not at all.
More like:
And in my dreams?
This is who I would like to think I look like in my cool beach hats:

I said in my dreams!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Count down to 4th of July....

I can't wait!
My parents will be here.
The weather is supposed to be great.
It may be one of the last years that I have a child that participates in our town's "Mayberry-ish" 4th of July activities such as- sack races, somersault races, water balloon toss, football throw, (thrown threw the tire shown above) and 60 yd dash.
My older ones are usually fast asleep because the events start at 8a.m.
They do show up at lunchtime when the snack stand goes back to the prices of the 1960's.
We feed our family of seven with $5. You can do that here on the 4th of July when a burger or a hotdog are .50!
The afternoon is usually spent at baseball games at the grandstands, then off to a BBQ. The night ends with fireworks at Crestwood lake.
It has been thirty-nine years that I have taken part in these traditions and I so value them. My husband embraced them even before we were married.
And now, my kids do too...
when they finally get out of bed!

Bungalow Scout Bags- lacrosse stick bags and lacrosse stick backpacks!

Lacrosse stick backpacks and lacrosse stick bags by Bungalow!
And you will be able to get them HERE!
In only a few weeks.
Stay tuned.

"when a tornado meets a volcano..." WARNING- a few bad words... But worth a listen!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't always trust google maps!

or your iphone GPS!
Because the quickest way on paper isn't always the best way.
Here is what happened to me AND I should have known better.
take a look at this:

Partial toll road
30.3 mi
10.Continue onto US-9 S
2.2 mi
11.Continue onto Garden State Pkwy S
Partial toll road
19.4 mi
12.Continue onto US-9 S
Toll road
3.3 mi
13.Continue onto Garden State Pkwy S
Partial toll road
17.2 mi
14.Turn right at E Shell Bay Ave
0.1 mi
15.Turn left at S Main St
1.8 mi
16.Continue onto US-9 S/Shore Rd
6.5 mi
17.Slight right toward US-9 S/Lincoln Blvd
210 ft
18.Turn right at US-9 S/Lincoln Blvd
Continue to follow US-9 S
2.8 mi
19.Take the US-9 S/Cape May - Lewes ferry to Lewes
Toll road
Entering Delaware
16.2 mi
20.Continue straight onto Cape May-Lewes Ferry Entrance
0.2 mi
21.Turn right at Cape Henlopen Dr
0.7 mi
22.Turn left at E Savannah Rd
0.6 mi
23.Turn left at 3rd St
79 ft
24.Take the 1st right onto US-9 S/Rd 268
2.0 mi
25.Slight right at US-9 S
0.2 mi
26.Turn left at DE-1 S/Coastal Hwy
Continue to follow Coastal Hwy
Entering Maryland
25.5 mi
27.Make a U-turn at 94th St
Destination will be on the right
0.4 mi

10100 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842

What is highlighted is where I should have realized  that the route I was being sent on, wasn't going right.
Here it is on a map:

Now you don't have to be from Jersey to see that I should have taken the route in yellow.
Because my trip would have been FOUR hours shorter
 I wouldn't have had to pay $45 for the ferry!

J. Crew and I are back together!

I know, you thought we broke up, right?
So did I.

But then something magical happened.
Meet my new uniform.
Rolled up sleeves and my fitflops and I'm good to go!
j. Crew, I'm so glad we're back together :)

approach clothing, Sea Isle City, NJ

approach clothing, Sea Isle City, NJ
So, You remember this guy, right?

Chris and his partner J. ( business partner)are vendor friends of mine.
I love their products and their style and now, lucky for all of us, they have
taken the jump and opened a new store in sea isle City, NJ!

Approach Clothing Co. is now open in sea Isle City at 6300 Landis Ave.
the store offers Sea Isle-themed apparel for the entire family as well as 
the perfect accessories and gifts for your beach house host.

My friends J. Hackney and Chris Marguglio look to bring comfortable, 
stylish clothing to Sea Isle. Since founding Approach Clothing Co. in 1999,
they have focused on athletes-creating sports specific apparel for sale at
lacrosse tournaments, rowing events, track meets, soccer tournaments and
volleyball tournaments up and down the East coast.

Their new store will continue that focus and more. I am looking forward to
seeing their line of vintage-style tees featuring images and names of classic 
sea Isle businesses such as, Landis Crab Shack, F.A. Hughes Produce,
Mornhinweg's Bakery, Maiswinkle's Candy Shop, Kozy Korner restaurant,
and The Tivoli Hotel.

Approach Clothing Co. is opened 7 days a week, 9:30a.m.-9:30p.m., through October.
Contact the store at 856-261-1440 or
Visit the stores facebook page for promotions and other updates

Home at last...

And for awhile.
At least I hope so.
It has been a hot summer for vending, but I can't complain as I haven't had one rained out tournament!
( Knock on wood!)
May and June were very busy for me and all went well. Some events were not as profitable as I wanted and others exceeded my expectations- so it all balanced out :)
Here are some images of an amazing event I sold at a few weeks ago:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

wrong blog

I know this pic belongs on my other blog...
But, I am too excited to limit myself!
I/we will be the proud owners of this AWESOME range in our new kitchen!

I have been dreaming of this for years. Not that I didn't appreciate my Dacor 6 burner stove top...
But realize my dear readers that I will now have an amazing french burner BESIDES my 6 other burners!
I am in heaven.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remember, you heard it from me...

The new "preppy" staple.

Everybody's happy.

Of course the kids are.
Lots of pool parties and celebrations.
No more homework.
Bed time becomes later.
Wake-up time is later too.

And the parents are happy too.
No more hastily prepared lunches in the morning.
No more homework.
No more carpools.
No more nagging about bed time.
Wake up in a relaxed manner...

As for Last day of school parties,
 my youngest attended the ultimate last day of school party.
Pool with a rock ledge for diving.
I hope I am invited some day, only if they serve wine though :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

old school summer song...

I remember laying on the beach listening to my radio relating to this song, lyrics any teenager would love.
Now it brings back a ton of memories. I swear I can smell the salty surf, hear the waves, and taste the boardwalk food when I hear songs (especially Fleetwood mac) from my teen summers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lax for the cure 2010- Susan G. Komen

Lax for the cure 2010-Susan G. Komen
I am so psyched for this tournament.
It means so much to me and many others who will work, volunteer, watch, coach and
play in this 

And, It's going to be fun!
Tons of give-aways and contests.
Great music.
Amazing vendors.
And many, many college coaches there to watch and recruit players.

I will be partnering with Bungalowco, scout bags. 
We will be debuting an elite, exclusive line created
for lacrosse. We will have raffles and doing some give-aways.
Lots of exciting stuff!
All for a good cause :)

Themes complete me...

Or, what I really mean is-
Themes make buying for my business and selling easy.
Case in point,
This summer I decided to do a beach theme. I sell beach cover-ups, flip flop pails, beachey hair accessories, ect.
I knew I could find a lot of beach style jewelry but wasn't sure what would be a hit.
Well these two items have really taken off!
I also prep them out by putting them on colorful cord, hot pink and turquoise look awesome.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The hot brand of pinnies...

Jimmie's pinnies.
They are almost here.
Did I tell you they come in hot colors and that only the elite players will be able to get ahold of them?
Unless you know me of course.

With much appreciation...

My son, who is now 26 years-old, was recently honored by our local paper for his achievements during his high school baseball career.
And he really appreciated it.
Family and friends have been calling both us and him. Past teammates and coaches have reconnected to say they saw the article in the paper and to offer congratulations. Lots of conversations and heart felt messages. There have been texts and emails too.

I think if this had happened a few years ago my son wouldn't have understood or appreciated it as much...
Because enough years have gone by and he is older and wiser I think he knows what an honor it was to be recognized for his talent and dedication to baseball and his team.

Too bad the newspaper that covered his baseball career all through high school and college and wrote countless articles about him over the years AND named him Baseball Catcher of the Decade didn't spell our last name right...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I guess I fixed it? Anyway...

My fourth child went to prom last weekend. Thank goodness for digital cameras.
Because I was out on Long Island working a tournament and luckily her sister and father were able to get her to her hair appointment, help her pick up the corsage and take pictures.
Her cousins and friends came by to see her off.

And, I didn't feel too bad because:
 1. it wasn't her prom ( she is a sophomore and went with a friend)
2. Within minutes I was able to see the photos. Shouldn't there be a commercial about that?