Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Traveling companions

Here we were in Paris, my travel buddies and I.
We really traveled well together. It seemed like we all were hungry at the same time, tired at the same time, we had the same humor and perspective on what we saw and most of all- we were interested in the same sites to see.
My niece was easygoing, interested, enthusiastic, and flexible. Love that girl.
My sister, the Frau, was also flexible and easy going, although as you can see here...
She went a little... "native."

As did he.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Onward Ho!

Say some prayers and wish us luck.
We are due to FINALLY leave for home at 7am ( German time.)
As long as there isn't another eruption in Iceland or any other type catastrophic event ... ( Rhonda, let's just forget about that other volcano, shall we?)
We should be home Saturday evening.

We will miss my sister, my brother-in-law and niece. We really and truly had a wonderful time. They were the perfect hosts and I can't wait until they come to NJ so that I can show them the same awesome hospitality they showed us!
Love them.
Remember, we need your prayers!

iphone disappointment...

It is hard to believe that I have put those two words together.
Because up to a week ago, I was singing the iphone's praises. I said things like,
"It's changed my life!"
"I can actually leave the states for ten days AND run my business without lugging around a laptop!"

And then when word came about the volcano I was SO thankful because I knew I could communicate with my husband, check airline info, and let my son play games if we were to become stuck at the airport.

But what happens?
The 7 week old battery is unable to be re-charged.
What? Are you kidding me?
Apparently this is a common problem with the iphone 3G.
We're talking Apple here folks, how hasn't this been corrected?
And thank God we are at my sister's house where we had access to computers, phones, and entertainment.
What if I was stuck at Frankfurt airport for days on end... Can you imagine how crazed I would be if I had my NEW, non-working iphone and I was unable to use the very features I bought it for?
The volcanic eruption would be nothing compared to my tantrum about this.
Thanks for letting me vent :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth day!

And Mother Earth?

I think you have let off enough Icelandic steam for now. Simmer down now.
We have a plane to catch.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The latest...

I have spent the last few days with a phone glued to my ear.
You see, even though Frankfurt airport is "kind of" open, as in German carriers have clearance to fly...
Delta's flights have been canceled.
Hmmm. So I call and although most folks I've spoken to these last few days have been kind, patient, understanding and sympathetic...
I was lucky enough to connect with a real... witch.
When I mentioned that I was nervous because I had to take a 5 hour train ride to Frankfurt and that it would be awful to find out that even though Frankfurt airport was open, that Delta flights might not be flying.
 I asked her if by Friday...IF FRANKFURT WAS OPENED...WOULD DELTA BE FLYING!!!!!!?????

Is that a bad question? She said," M'am I don't have a crystal ball, Delta is all about safety and just because the other carriers are flying doesn't mean that I can guarentee we will."

OK, that's great except... aren't you partners with KLM?
"Yes," she said.

Without making this story longer, cuz it could be, we are now flying from Bremen thru Amsterdam, onto Boston, into JFK- on KLM, on SUNDAY!!!!!

Ok, the Delta lady may have been cranky cuz I hear they have been working 12 to 14 hour days.
I don't think I will mention to her that I can't seem to get in touch with Air France (another partner of Delta),
You see Air France's customer service is only open 10 to 4pm. They canceled my flight back to Paris and I haven't heard anything from them since AND I can't get thru.

Did I mention that my iphone battery refuses to charge and needs to be sent back to Apple?
Went to the Apple store in Germany and they couldn't fix it, said it needs to be sent to Apple and offered to do it. probaby send it on a Luftansa flight and it would most likely get home before I do.

Still Stranded

Here's an update.

Still lucky enough to be at my sister's in Bremen, Germany rather than on a cot at Charles De Gaulle or Frankfurt airport.

Hope to leave on Thursday, if the new LARGE eruption of the Icelandic volcano doesn't send ANOTHER ash cloud this way. (looks like the UK may see it though)

The saboteur went to The Bremen International School with his cousin today.

I am hanging with Frau, drinking coffee, surfing the internet, and blogging-still in pjs!

I miss my husband and children.
I am stressing about all my biz events that begin this...SATURDAY!!!!
I also realize that my situation could be much worse and that I am very lucky.
I am also wondering, Should I learn some German?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paris is now a question?

Now you can say it. You know someone affected by a volcano.
In Iceland.
As of now, Bremen and Charles De Gaulle airports are closed.
Tomorrow we are supposed to fly from Bremen back to Paris and leave from Paris Monday night...
Hopefully this will happen.
I am nervous that we will get to Paris and be grounded again- in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
I also am picturing the throngs of people trying to get out of Paris.
Will our tickets be honored? Will the folks that have been stranded for days have priority?
We are actually very, VERY lucky that we are at my sister's in Germany and NOT laying on a bench at the airport.
I am not sure my sister and her family are so lucky...
They may have guests for a few more days.

*We may have to figure out a new way to get home. Does steerage still exist?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am loving Germany. Beautiful house and gardens. My sister lives in the outskirts of Bremen, the country really.
Because she lives out in the country there isn't a lot of people who speak english or admit to...
So, it has been a challenge and adventure to engage people and figure out signs, menus, or advertisements.

What I have noticed?
That a smile, a wave, simple greeting-such as Allo!, or just a thank you-Danke!...
goes a long way.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

France first. Now Germany.

Bonjour from Europe!
What I learned in France, ( otherwise known as "random thoughts")

  1. I remember A LOT more French than I thought I would.
  2. Giverney is pronounced- sh-he-ver-neigh, who knew?
  3. Paris is STILL my favorite city.
  4. My sister and niece are good roommates and travel companions.
  5. Lots of Boob and Butts at the Louvre. You notice this when you travel with a thirteen year-old boy.
  6. Even cheap French food is REALLY good.
  7. Good, comfortable shoes are worth their weight in gold or euros.
  8. I wish the NY subway system was as clean and as easy to use as the Paris metro.
  9. I wish I sold scarves in Paris, I would be a wealthy woman.
  10. Longchamp is less expensive in the duty free shop!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some people do not like the French...

But I do.
In fact whenever I hear my father complain about the French I remind him that we are part French.
He says the only part of him that is French is the part he sits on...

A lot of people really don't like Parisians, a lot of French people don't even like Parisians!
But I do.

Let me tell you why.
I love the culture, food, style, fashion, attitude, art, and language of France, but especially of Paris.
But mostly I love and appreciate how one Parisian shop owner made me feel after the horrific terrorist act in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Those of us who live very near NYC were so affected that day and for long after.  We felt so much grief, shock, and fear. I wondered if the world hated us. So when I received the letter below I burst into tears. 
It made me feel so good and it restored my faith in people.
 I still tear up whenever I read it.

I plan on stopping by the shop on Rue de Rivoli  this weekend and thanking the man that sent it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I am concerned...

As many of you know I am about to rendezvous with my sister ( the Frau ) and her daughter on Friday.
We are meeting in Paris and then traveling to Germany so that my son (the saboteur ) and I can see where she has been the last two years.

However, I am concerned that her time in Europe has changed her, that some type of metamorphosis has taken place...
Why, you ask?
Here is a photo I was able to get hold of...
Things seem different and I can't quite pinpoint it.