Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a little sticky...

 You've seen them. The cute families on folk's back car windows.
So adorable.

So many choices.

Even if you don't have kids.

Some are very creative.

Some would even illustrate your lifestyle!

And some...well, would express your opinion.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The last laxer pasta party...

Hard to believe. Between my two girls years of playing lacrosse, we have been hosting night before game pasta parties for eight years.

The front hall fills with back packs.
not just any back packs...Laxer packs!
Which means? Lacrosse sticks and collections of all the ribbons the girls wear in their hair during games attached to the top.

The dining room fills with the girls chowing down ( they can eat!), lots of laughter and lots of chatter regarding the next day's game.

Oh well, I still have the Counties and the pre-game brunch we plan to host!

Friday, April 20, 2012

treasure hunting at Rice's Market, New Hope,PA

As you may know, occasionally I am a vendor at Rice's Market. It is a funky place. Everything from amish selling baked goods, Lancaster farmers selling produce, Asians selling knock offs, antique dealers, junk sellers, crafters- you name it!

I get there about 6:30 am and set up. Once I am set I go down the middle aisle where all the junk/treasures are located. I am always on the lookout!
last week this was my "odd" find:

And this is where I have it... for now.
My husband keeps asking me what it is for!
I tell him I will let him know when I figure it out!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The High Line

Last weekend we decided to walk the High Line.
From experience I knew that if it was an overcast, dreary day- we would have the place to ourselves...
and we did!

 We started here,

with the intention of walking the entire length, about 1.45 miles long, and back.

As we were walking we saw something new and delightful!
We noticed this "man" waving at us!
We quickly realized that this was not a real man, but became very curious as to how he got there.
                                         photo by Meg Kinney
When I got to my computer, later that day I found out.
According to The High Line Blog:
"High Line visitors are often surprised to see smiling faces gazing back at them, and even waving, from the windows of neighboring buildings toward the northern terminus of the park. After the initial double-take, it’s easy to realize that these amusing locals are not flesh-and-blood people, but rather a playful ruse.

Artist and Chelsea resident Hyemi Cho has an apartment that overlooks the new section of the High Line, which opened in June, 2011. Cho was treated to some amazing views of the park, but the shy artist was apprehensive at first to her new-found proximity to a bustling public space. She channeled those feelings into a painting of herself peeking cautiously around the edge of a curtain, which she placed in her apartment window.

Cho was pleasantly surprised at the amused reaction of High Line visitors—many people stopped to take photos, laugh, and wave back. These positive interactions, including times where Cho herself would wave to visitors, led her to expand the project.
“At least five times a day I peek out,” Cho told The Atlantic Cities, “And people are looking back at me. Now I don’t feel isolated anymore.”
Recruiting other neighbors, Cho created a series of portraits—a smiling shirtless man, a woman waving, a little girl with cookies—all peering out of their windows at visitors on the High Line."
If you would like to learn more about the High Line, head on over to :

We always enjoy our time there. Plenty of places along the way to climb down (or take an elevator) to get food and drink. We had great thai food at Chelsea market that day and then walked it off...

on the High line!