Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The ideal garden,

No weeding necessary!
Love it.

I am not only LIVING in these dresses, I will be selling them too.
They are to DIE for!
Anyone who frequents lacrosse tournaments as I do is familiar with these dresses.
They look good on everyone!
They have high armholes and a t-back- no back fat flopping over-seriously!
It's like Spanx for your upper body.
Perfect for:
ANY sport!
And the next best thing?
You can throw a pair of flip flops on and run some errands and look as cute as ever :)
Be on the lookout this Spring cuz I'll be selling them!

Cooler weather makes me think...

That it is time to break out the vests.
I loves my down vests!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holla from la Jolla!

Actually, what I should say if I want it to rhyme AND be accurate is :
Oh Boy'a I just got back from La Jolla!

Am I the only one that pronounced or thought in my head that La Jolla sounded like La Joe-la or maybe, La Jaw-la?

Now I know that it sounds like La Hoya :)
And, I found out in the best way possible... by going there. Just spent a marvelous weekend checking out that jewel of a town. details to follow.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Random pic

Isn't this kinda... scary?
Easter morning, not a smile to be found.
It looks like my mother may be holding my sister's hand, ( the little girl on the right.)
But, it appears as though she is MISSING a hand on my side!
I am also guessing that my red Christmas shoes still fit by Easter and did double duty.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Car Caddy- you need it!

Yes, it's true.
You do need it. Or, I do.
I use to constantly find myself rifleling through my purse looking for my cell phone, gum, chap stick, mints, a pen, credit card... while I was driving!
Not smart.
Now, before I start the car, I place my cell, gum, what have you, in this caddy.
It sits on the seat right next to me. It has tons of pockets and has a wide, shallow opening making it easy to grab anything I need while I am driving.
This caddy SAVES lives. Kinda.
You will find it on,
next week!

Scant amount of sconces....

You probably think that there is a million sconces out there, countless choices. 
I am here to tell you that is not true. 
I was looking for something interesting. Classic, yet creative.
No. Such. Luck.
 This is a definite contender, but not really interesting. Beautiful, yes.
 I like how Grecian this looks... but still a little plastic, no?
 LOVE the loop and design of this one. The price? Not. At. All.
 Wow. This is so sophisticated, rich, and tasteful. Yet, not sure if it fits into our house. Maybe.
 Although the sconces didn't knock my socks off, very few things do....
these flush mounts did!
This is what I'm talking about!

Friday, September 17, 2010

White kitchen/dark floor

 We all know the upside...
 The white cabinets and woodwork POP!
Everything looks rich and beautiful.
 I plan on doing this in our new kitchen and...
I need to know, What is YOUR experience?
Do you see every piece of dust , animal hair, footprint, or streak?
or is it SO worth it?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Preen, Milk Studio, NYC, Fashion Week!

My son has a very nice friend who invited him and a guest to the Preen fashion show. He was also very nice and invited his younger sister, a budding fashionista.

She also is one of those types whose glass is not half full... it's all the way full!

Here is a little story to illustrate that:

Becky came home all excited from the fashion show. She loved the clothes, loved the people watching, and loved going to Pastis for lunch after the show.
I asked her where she sat and she said, " Oh Mom we were so lucky!  Our seats were in the third row!!!!"
I said, " Wow Beck, that is so cool- How many rows were there?"
And with tons of excitement she said, "Three!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From 5th grade to 8th grade- how they grow!

I was very surprised I was allowed to snap this "last" 1st day of school pic.
 I am certain that I will not be allowed to ever take another starting freshman year in high school!

Gooseneck lighting completes me

I love it in and out.
Soooooo, since I am so in love I decided to use three of these babies over my sink counter.
And while I'm on it, two of these will be over my island.
pretty cool right?

friendly friends

I just found these pictures on my camera from the 4th of July. This is my daughter and one of her good friends... since kindergarten. They are now sixteen. They look so much alike to me, even though one has blue eyes and blond hair and the other has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

I guess I think they look alike because they are both happy, cheerful, friendly girls who always seems to be laughing!
Oh and they both are about 5'9 and adorable :)