Friday, June 17, 2011

Trend alert!

So first, I miss all of you! I have been on the road and haven't made it to blogging.
Visited the Frau in Buffalo. Will post pics soon.

Speaking of Buffalo, thanks to the Frau's daughter, my beloved niece Katelyn, I was alerted to the biggest trend EVER!!!!

Feather extensions. Kinda weird right? But they grow on you.
In fact, I am now selling clip on feather extensions... Like. Crazy.
So thanks to Katelyn I am on top of a Summer trend.
Love that girl.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kinda cool...

So, you know I'm in love with my kitchen, right? So happy.
But, we still have a way to go.
 Butler's panty isn't done:
We want to put in cabinets, dishwasher, wine fridge and a ice maker in.
We also want to put in a patio:
But guess what kids?
That will have to wait while we play catch-up with all the money that went to construction and college tuition this past year.

So I put on my thinking cap and remembered that there was a girl in our town that rented out their kitchen for use in commercials, ads and movies. She felt there was little downside and that the money was big enough to put up with all the inconvenience.
I have heard some horror stories but decided to send the pictures shown above that my kitchen designer (Sharon Sherman, Thyme and Place Design, Wyckoff, NJ) had taken and generously gave to me.

Well, we were signed right away! Within a few days we received our first call and there I was running around crazy taking pictures of the french doors leading out of the kitchen, both inside and out. Apparently ABC wanted to shoot a promo with Mario Batali at... OUR HOUSE!!!!

However, it's show biz folks. They really needed a kitchen island that had a cook top on it!
Ours, thankfully does not. We were a contender unless they found one and... they did.

Aah, our brush with fame! Our location agent assured me that our house/kitchen is a star and that we can look forward to plenty more opportunities.

We're ready for our close-up Mr. De Mille!
 Or at least some bucks to do the patio!!