Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One for you, one for me, one for you...

Autumn Leaves Needlepoint Loafer
For me

Black Lab with Bones Needlepoint Loafer
For my friend, Ann

Fleur de Lis Needlepoint Loafer *NEW*
For me when I go to New Orleans

Golf Course Needlepoint Loafer  *NEW*
For my Mom

Bumblebees on Green Needlepoint Loafer
For me

Gator Needlepoint Loafer
For all!

Brunch whimsy

Bloody Mary Tie

I am a sucker for Vineyard Vines. And this tie? The right tie to wear to a fancy brunch. And do you know why? Its Vineyard Vine's Bloody Mary Tie! How perfect is that?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rain, rain go away... more Joules!


Tennis-indoors or outdoors?

     I have played tennis for a long time and until I began to play platform tennis I played competitively on three different teams. I played USTA, inter-club, and outdoor inter-club. At my best I hovered between a 4.0 and 3.5 rating and I always played on A teams.
Needless to say, I was very serious.
     Back in those days my biggest hardship in tennis was the transition from outside/hard-tru courts to inside/hard surface courts each season. 
    I liked being inside because the weather didn't play havoc with our schedule and it was a faster game on the hard surface. I didn't like the lighting and that the hard surface hurt my knees.
     I loved being outside when the weather was great and we were unlimited by walls or ceilings. I loved how the surface was on my joints and the fun, spin shots I could make on hard-tru. I didn't like windy days, super hot, humid days, or rainy days. The weather really dictated the game.
     Now that I am an OBSESSED paddle player and I am outdoors year round. I don't have to deal with transition issues regarding courts or weather... Now I have to transition from paddle to tennis and that isn't bad. By the end of paddle I am ready for a change and by the end of tennis (actually before that) I am dreaming of paddle matches.
So, I would have to say I am on team outdoors.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out of season


     My daughter plans on playing basketball this winter and has been invited with other freshman to take part in an off season, varsity basketball league and I, for one am excited!
I LOVE basketball.
1. It is fast moving.
2.Guaranteed bleachers.
3. Timed game-unlike baseball/softball.
4.weather resistant.
5.Lots of excitement.

What I don't like: (very little)
1. Only five can be on the court at once.
2.Only sport where all five of my kids, male and female, have suffered injuries.

She has her first game today at 2pm and I assure you I will be warm, dry, and cozy sitting at the top of the bleachers cheering her on!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A preppy "should-have!"

     I love, love, LOVE this barn jacket. Not only does it sport my favorite colors and favorite design (toile) , it is also my favorite type of jacket. 
Barn jackets are perfect for Fall when the day starts off cold and warms steadily as the day goes on. Barn jackets are the right cut for layering as there is ample room.
 I like to wear a turtleneck and pop the collar of the jacket a bit, with a pair of faded jeans, comfortable boots... I'm good to go.
I think you will be seeing me in this very soon.

Joules-Equestrian Prep, with a capital P!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        So you know about Joules Polo's right? 

Well good, because I didn't! But now I do and they are to die for.  It is all you see at horse shows, when the girls aren't in their riding clothes.  A Joules polo has got to be the most flattering polo I have ever seen, ( it helps to have a small waist) as they are very fitted  and come in awesome colors. They are unique in that you don't see them everywhere-except in the equestrian community and then they are all you see.  Joules is a British clothing company originally billed as country clothes. 
"Think bracing walks, country breaks, and breezy bike rides in the heart of England."  
They since have been adopted by the riding community as the polo of choice. You can find them at many tack shops or online.  Let me know what you think!

LAX conflict.....

Today is a busy day. My youngest has a baseball game smack in the middle of the day, my daughter has a  practice and my husband and I have a funeral. My oldest daughter said they have an inter-squad scrimmage. Meanwhile there has been a flurry of emails from all the team parents discussing the alumni game. I want to believe my daughter as I haven't a clue on how we would fit in a drive to Lafayette and another game today...  But I don't want to be an absent parent. My daughter assured me that they could only round up a few alum and that it will be fine that we are absent. I want to believe her and I think I will!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Boat shoes- back on the radar screen

                                                                       Sperry Top Sider Largo 1 Eye Pink Womens Casual Shoes Ok, in most coastal communities boat shoes never left and certainly a lot of guys, young and old, still wear them... but I am seeing girls wearing them again, especially college girls. They do look so cute with capris and a polo. I notice that there are a lot more colors available now too. Pink has to be my favorite. Although, there was a cute guy who was working at Scoop in the meatpacking district in NYC wearing the gold lame topsiders pictured below...
                                                                   Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original 2-Eye - Rose Gold Metallic (Women's)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Won!

Yahoo! We won. So now when we are traveling an hour away for a state match we will at least have a good game. You see, we have a challenge ladder at our club that places us on different level teams. It is good and bad. Nothing worse than being put on a lower level team than what you normally play on... Nothing better than being put on a great team with wonderful friends, Yahoo!


scout bags- another preppy must have

These bags are amazing! They are made of a microfiber material and are indestructible. They come in preppy toiles, gingham's, stripes and florals. They were my big seller at all the lacrosse tournaments this summer. The large "4 boys bag" is perfect for college or boarding school as they fold flat when not in use and weigh very little-yet they hold so much. The smaller sizes are great too. I will have them on my new site, www.preppyplayer.com in January.
They're the best!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wanted: COOL readers

 Its true. I can't read anymore...without specs. I can't text without glasses, I can't take medication without glasses, and I frequently mix up the conditioner and shampoo due to the lack of specs in the shower! Yes, I am now one of those women in a restaurant passing around glasses so that we can read the menu. I use to mock those women! I keep glasses in the car, by the phone, on my desk, by the bed, and in my purse.  My dilemma? I do not look trendy, sophisticated,or cool. I don't even look haughty... or hot.  I look challenged. I look  challenged myopically and fashionably. Any suggestions? ( By the way, those are not my glasses my cute little niece has on above.)
Paddle is on my mind. We have state challenges this week and they are important. They determine who and where we play for 16 matches. So far we have won one and lost one...
We have one more.
Let's win it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of autumn...

     Soccer season is on full throttle! NJ is a hotbed for soccer. The talent is amazing here. We are lucky that our high school has always had one of the top girl's soccer programs in the state. My daughter is on the JV team and loves it. She started on Varsity and was moved down. She is a freshman and is fine with that. I think she would have been fine on the freshman team too. But... it is up to the coaches. The afternoons are still warm. I can't wait until we have cooler afternoons. To me, that is true soccer weather. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

under the radar screen....

The St, Christopher medallion above is a must have for any preppyplayer. Lax girls love them, especially the Princeton girls. They come in 13 colors and 5 different sizes. They are worn on silver chains, silk cord, or even pearls. Some girls/women wear two or three at a time. They are meaningful ( St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel) and beautiful. Mostly, they are very hard to find. Very. Whenever I wear mine to Lacrosse tournaments or horse shows women ask, no beg, me to tell them where they can get one. Right now the only jewelers I know that carry them are in Ridgewood, Princeton, Chatham, and Bernardsville, NJ. I think there may be someone in Bedford NY too. I plan on carrying them in the Spring, (the earrings too-which are to die for!) and I only hope that I will order enough to satisfy my online and tournament customers.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ode to a Suburu

So, we just got rid of the ole Suburu... the last proof of where our money goes. I doubt I will get around to/buy new college stickers to put on our other cars. So this is it. Of course, we still have one at Lafayette and two more to go. I guess we still will be covering the back of our cars after all! Bye bye Suburu. One last thing, did you know that if you are PSIA you will recieve a discount when you buy or lease a Suburu? Very. Cool.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One more thought!

I know it may be silly, but on this beautiful indian summer day- I have been dreaming of skiing! The picture above is of my daughter and I skiing at Snowbird this past February. Bliss. So, here is the reminder: Now is a good time to bring in your skis to be waxed and sharpened... before the November rush. Start to go through your ski stuff. Do you, your husband or kids need new clothing or gear? Take advantage of the Columbus days sales. Buy Christmas ski gifts-NOW. It really is the best time. Most resorts give discounts until September 30th on seasons passes. Take advantage. Enough ski preaching.

Fall Ball , Go lafayette!

Yipee! Tonight's the first game of fall lacrosse. It is supposed to be a cool, clear evening. Perfect conditions for tailgating. My daughter had a tough freshman season. She did great in fall ball and when Spring came around she developed stress fractures in both her femurs and was out for the season. She was relagated  to filming the games-not a happy camper. Then after an abysmal season, her coach resigned. Thank goodness she absolutely, positively loves her school. If she had chosen her college based on lacrosse or the coach she would have been miserable. As of now she is in amazing shape, loves her new coach and is ready to go. I will keep you up to date on her progress and our amazing tailgates! 
If you like this car/refrigerator/locker magnet-which is a perfect stocking stuffer., let me know. It will soon be on my website.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunny Days

  I love Fall, autumn. Not only for the cool crisp mornings, warm afternoons, sweaters, crackling leaves ... but mostly for sports. (surprise, surprise!) Nothing like a soccer game with brilliant fall leaves as a background. I don't have to worry that my son will get a heat induced headache. I love playing tennis in the fall. Not as crowded. Easy to get a court. Mostly I love it because paddle starts. The only downside is the bright sun in our eyes as we play. is it lower at this time of the year? 
Must be.
Above is my favorite hat to wear for bright days, of course I sell it on my site!

Back to sports. I really love watching my children play their sports in the fall. 
Soccer, Fall baseball and lacrosse.
(See, its not just about me!)
I feel like it is the only time I am not multitasking when I am with them. I am totally present. Usually, I am cooking, driving, folding clothes, on my computer, helping them with homework or otherwise distracted. I try not to be... it is a busy life we lead. Anyway, when I watch them play sports I get to concentrate on them, watch them. 
I love Fall, autumn.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wow, its September!

I am pretty sure that I will do anything to avoid billing my customers today, dishes...email...finally blogging. Not that I don't want the revenue, i just don't feel like doing it!
So, I play platform tennis. Absolutely love it. Addicted. I play on two teams. One is an interclub league and the other is a state team. If you don't know what paddle is, it is a game much like tennis played on a platform with screened walls, much smaller than a tennis court. It is played primarily in the northeast. The season runs October to March/April. Yup, we play in the dead of winter. And guess what? About fifteen minutes into any given game our jackets are off and sometimes we are down to our t-shirts... at 20 degrees! You work up a sweat and it makes the long NJ winters tolerable. On my website I sell some cute, preppy paddle covers.  I love accessorizing my favorite sport!