Saturday, July 30, 2011

She's back...

Although hopefully I'm not so scary...
Ok, so my hair is pretty scary here. But we were at the beach!
So anything goes, right?

It was awesome. Two weeks at LBI with our nearest and dearest.
Here is a little peek:

These are just some of the 27 folks we partied and played with at the beach! Tomorrow I will post the pics from our photo shoot. We decided not to hire a photographer this year and do our own. I think it turned out very well.

Here is one example,

 Too cute!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jude Connally Dresses 2011/2012 not so much....

Remember when I recommended the Jude Connally dresses?
I was so excited to see if I could sell them at a huge lacrosse fundraiser, lax for the cure.
The fundraiser is so special, 4 thousand girls and their families!

I was sooo disappointed when I was told that they would not allow me sell them, that they wanted to save any of their merchandise for the high end boutiques that they are currently selling at.
Hey I understand that they have a business model that they would like to adhere to AND I realize that there is no way that they could comprehend how influential the demographic at Lax for the cure is for setting preppy trends...

However, you can only imagine how relieved I was when in speaking to my customers I found that...
they felt the Jude Connally dress line was:
1. Cut too short for older/middle age women
2. Too matronly for young women
3. too seasonal
4. pricey
5. didn't hold up over time.

Glad I found out as I was willing to place a 3,000 order!!!
Personally, I love my dresse. I like a shorter dress.

The good news was that I didn't waste my money.
Because I took the time to speak to my customers about the Jude Connally dresses I was able to get a lot of feedback, over and over again I heard about a new line that is very versatile, chic AND preppy.
And it was:
Judith March
 Game Day dresses

I am in love! I plan on putting in an order at the end of the month.
keep you posted :)

false alarm

The other morning I came out the front door and almost stepped on this behemoth, black, hairy SPIDER!
Needless to say I ran screaming into the house. Except no one was home.

I went outside with my camera so that I could document just how BIG the spider was.
First I used my zoom lens. No way was I getting close to that again.
Then... I noticed it wasn't moving, maybe it was dead?
I found a branch and started poking it...
And realized that it was an old rubber Halloween decoration that must have been dug up when we did our construction.

I called my husband to tell him what happened. It turns out he was the prankster who placed it on the sidewalk, visible only after an innocent victim (me) were to come down the steps.

Apparently I was one of many victims. He went on to tell me that my older son came down the stairs and proceeded to yell, " What the Hell!" then he ran by while he kept looking back pointing and shouting to my husband.

My daughter skipped right over it, then realized what she had just seen and ran screaming to the car.

Of course, my younger son was late to his camp because he had to investigate and then ended up stomping it repeatedly (before he realized it was fake!)

I am plotting a prank to rival this...
Any ideas?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My monogram?

Well, that would be with a sharpie.
Our family will be going to our favorite place this Summer with our extended family.

All 27 of us.

If you are familiar with rentals at the Jersey shore- you know that you must bring all your own bed linens and towels.
That's a lot of sheets and towels!
And how to keep track of which towels and sheets belong to whom?
I rely on little initials in the corners, made with my black sharpie!
Not too classy, but it does the job.