Friday, March 6, 2009

Where have I been? Hmmm.....

Well on Wednesday I was in the Bronx watching my daughter's lacrosse team get their butts kicked by Manhattan College. 
Very cold. 
Not fun.
Not good.
On Thursday I went to Martha! Unfortunately it wasn't the Lily Pulitzer show, that will be taped on Wednesday. Instead, it was a live show that was...boring. The theme was Atlanta and the first two segments we saw video on the Atlanta aquarium, that was the best part!

Then she had her guest, Kenan Thompson ( young guy from SNL) help her make fish print t-shirts... Totally out of his element, honestly you could see that it was really awkward for him and that he was going to be making a call to his agent as soon as he was off set! He was a very good sport, to say the least. And funny enough, his t-shirt actually turned out better than Martha's!!

After that Martha made crab cakes with a chef from Atlanta. That was interesting, but we were starving! It smelled so good and the audience was not offered samples. There wasn't give-aways of any kind. And, because it was live there was only one show instead of two taped.
*Remember that. If you ever get tickets to Martha Stewart , do not go on Thursday as that is the live day.

We still had a great time and after the show we went to Pastis for lunch, saw John McEnroe while we were there!
So, while enjoying a beautiful day in New York we were able to see a convicted felon, (Martha) and Tennis' wild child/bad boy, (John McEnroe)
How's that?


Ronda said...

I was wondering where you were! To bad you were'nt in the Bronx today----U2 was there live. It was on Good Morning America. Sounds like a fun time anyway! Off to get ready for my Friday night wedding. (I have to start now, if I want to straighten my hair!) Sorry about the dud Martha show. I want to be on Oprah's Favorite Things show!!!!
P.S. You'll see my purse tomorrow!!

Mom on the Run said...

I watched the end of that show yesterday--just the crabcakes part. Do you remember the other guy from Keenan and Kell on S'nick (Nickelodeon) when our older kids were 'tweens? Now he's all grown up on SNL.

The Georgia Aquarium is boring. Or so my entire family says, and they even like aquariums. One visit was more than enough for all of them. Me, never been there.

I'd like to see the Martha Stewart Show live sometime, though. Sorry you didn't get to go on a fun day.

Joyce said...

Oh good I was starting to wonder what happened to you. I'm glad you were having a little fun. Sorry about the game loss.
Have a golden weekend my friend! xoxo

OHN said...

They canceled Martha in my region and replaced it with Bonnie Hunt, so I haven't see dear old Martha in quite some time.

I hate it when the shows I have gone to cook, make you drool then leave you with nothing!

Twice THE DAY AFTER I was there, Tony Danza and Regis and Kelly had that Mr. Gadget guy on....the audience hit paydirt!!

Ina J Offret said...

I too was wondering where our Preppy was. It all sounded fun except for the boring Thursday with Martha Stewart. That's pretty cool you got to see John McEnroe! You could have put in a plug for that new tennis star, Tami Miller!!! :)

Ina J Offret said...

PS Your post reminded me of a Martha story. When the kids were growing up once or twice a month I would make a Martha Stewart recipe and not tell them it was a MS recipe. No one EVER liked her recipes!!!!!

There used to be a show called VICKI (Vicki Lawrence I think) She one time had Elvis Presley's former cook on her show and they made Elvis' favorite meatloaf. To this day that is an Offret family classic!

Kwana said...

I'd like to go and see Martha some day. Thanks for the tip!

Frau said...

Sorry Martha was such a dud!Hopefully you will have a better weekend.

Paula said...

Going to see Martha is one thing that I'd really like to do. I'll have to remember not to go on a Thursday. Seeing John M. is pretty cool!

preppyplayer said...

Ronda- it was fun!
MOTR- The video was actually very well done and Martha's set was awesome.
Joyce- back at you!
OHN- I must admit we were expecting a little something...
Ina- it was a fun day, lunch and John McEnroe sighting were the highlights!
kwana- you should go. its free and interesting, but could be boring :)

Paula- I knew the tennis girls would appreciate that sighting. The funny part is I ran into him about 8 years ago and he looked so old to me... he looks exctly the same, but now it doesn't look so old!!