Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday night Serenade!

I can't believe it is Sunday night... Where did the weekend go?
When I was young I hated Sunday night. There was a lot of negative associations.
It was bath night. 
It meant that school was the next day.
It meant I better be done with all homework.
There weren't good shows on TV.
My parents would make us go to bed earlier so that we would be "ready" for school on Monday.
These days?
I love Sunday night!
It means there is school tomorrow.
There are great shows on TV- BIG LOVE!
We go to bed earlier.
I get all organized for the week.
Sometimes I take a bath.
And, did I mention that there is school tomorrow?


Mrs. K said...


you only took a bath once a week?


ps- my word verification today is foxyho-

t.t. millers said...

I LOVE THIS! It is sooooo true!

Ronda said...

This is so true! When I was little, I remember being happy that I could stay up and watch the Walt Disney Show. (I think it was called The Wonderful World of Disney.) I had to go to bed when it was over. :(


Susan said...

hmmm.... when you work full time...and expected at work on a monday morning...sunday nights just plain and simply.... #$*&
...but given the current climate...the alternative is much, much worse!

Ina J Offret said...

Sunday at the Offrets:
Sunday NY Times (Sunday Styles)
Tennis, then Marty's bagels
Browse at Title Wave (new and used books and CDs, etc)
This may lead to more shopping...
Fold laundry
Wine with Amy & Ron
Graze for dinner at whatever is left over in fridge
Hang with dogs
Good night....

Ina J Offret said...

Hi Ronda... I loved that show too, it was called Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color..... remember the big cabinets the color TVs came in then?? I always wanted to go to Disneyland every time I saw that show. It was also the ONE TIME each week my parents would let us eat dry Cheerios in front of the TV.... memories....

preppyplayer said...

Mrs K.- When I was really little I don't even know if I got that bath alone! I think baths/showers during the rest of the week were as needed or if they remembered who needed one. But definitely Sunday night was line-up and jump in the tub!

Tami- I knew you appreciated the Sunday night wind down.
Ronda- I did love the disney show.
Susan- when your kid/kids are gone weekends are about rest. When you still have younger kids-weekends are a lot of work!
Ina- I like your Sunday style! ( My fav part of the NYtimes!)

Preppy Debutante said...

I really love Sunday & it has been my favorite day of the week for many years. It is so nice to see someone else who appreciates the day as much as I do!! =)

Frau said...

I love Sundays but Mondays are the best. House is clean and they are gone. Its the peace and quiet.

preppyplayer said...

Welcome preppy Deb!
Frau- maybe we should refer to Sunday night as Monday Eve?

Joyce said...

LOL... I too didn't enjoy Sundays growing up or when I was single, but now enjoy them because I don't have school or work on Mondays. Enjoy!

Mom on the Run said...

The thing about The Wonderful World of Disney is that there would only be a good show on once in a great while, the rest of the time it was those stupid shows about animals and I HATED those! My dad always made us watch that and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (ironically, DOTR worked for MoO for years!) To this day I cannot stand to watch nature shows because we were forced to watch them every Sunday night!