Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm back!

It was a loooong weekend.
And not very fun.
The  Big Apple Feis was not done well or very organized, at least for the vendors. As bad as it was for me, it was worse for the vendors from overseas.  
Well, it was worth a try and now I know... No NYC Feis's!

I promised I would end my Feis series with wigs. Here are excellent examples of the wigs that the girls wear. They match them to their own hair. The wigs run $65-$150.00

The wigs remind me of the New York Rockettes for some reason. I think it is because all the girls began to look alike to me after two days of bouncy wigs passing by!


OHN said...

I hate to admit this out loud, but the very first time I saw these dancers, I wondered how long it took to curl all their hair the same. DUH. I suppose I could blame it on a lack of sleep. Granted, it didn't take me too long to realize they were wigs but to even have the thought briefly that they were not, makes me think I might be a little daft.

preppyplayer said...

OHN, You were probably sleep deprived, certainly not daft! lol

Frau said...

Sorry it didn't go well for you but atleast you know now to stay away.

Susan said...

next year you MUST go to the NJ State Nursing Convention in AC... 900 RN's with money to burn!

OHN said...

Hey Preppy....I thought about you on Sat. night when we went to a LAX fundraiser. I wish I had some of your stuff with me!

Which leads me to the request...why don't you stick a link to your business in your sidebar. I thought I had it linked to my bookmarks but I don't.

Thank you :)

preppyplayer said...

Susan- I'm ready!
OHN- Good idea! I have a link on my FB but not on my blog- not too smart. Thanks again.

Ronda said...

Sorry you didn't have fun. Hope the weather was nice anyway. Those wigs are funny looking, but kind of cute, in a doll kind of way! Welcome back!

Joyce said...

Sorry it was a bust. Can you write this off as marketing?

I didn't know they wore wigs either!

Katie said...

I used to Irish dance, and I regret the day I stopped. I actually competed a few times, but curled all my own hair, I didn't compete enough to need a wig, so instead I'd ponytail my hair the night before, sponge curler it, spray EVERYTHING, and then take out the curlers in the morning, and generally with a little bit more spraying my hair looked as good as the fakers. I was always jealous though!!