Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Kitchen Tour Tag!

Joyce of the blog,  A Perfect Beginning, tagged me for a kitchen tour with a list of questions...over a week ago! Finally I have gotten to it.  

Be aware that this is the true before pictures of my future kitchen. Oh yes, when Mr. Economy stops scaring my poor husband we will finally begin construction on our new one. Our plans have been finalized, contractors nailed down... now just a waiting game until Mr. Economy is stable. So, on with the tour!

1.What color is your kitchen?  My kitchen is warm, honey colored cabinets with beige floors, tiles, and counter tops.
2.Describe your kitchen. My kitchen is a bit outdated and worn, but a favorite gathering place for family and friends.

3. Describe your dream kitchen. More efficient use of space, larger island more centralized, high ceilings, more light, better appliances, WHITE.

4.Favorite activity in the kitchen. Cooking, socializing, family togetherness.
5. Name one thing your kitchen is missing. An eating area large enough for the entire family. There is an island or the dining room. The sun room was used by the previous owners as a breakfast room. We chose to use it as another family room.

6. Do you cook or bake? I cook every day, seldom bake. My children bake a lot though.

7.What don't you like and what would you change? We are changing everything! Really. There are certain elements I will keep: two large sinks, gas stove, six burners.
8. What do you love about your kitchen? I LOVE the sun room off the kitchen, it is beautiful year round. Unfortunately it takes tremendous maintenance and up keep. One hail storm broke the seal on four of the windows causing them to fog up, they needed to be replaced at $300 each. This can happen once a year. So, that room will be where our new kitchen will be!

9.Worst kitchen activity? Cleaning the floor. Hate it.
10.Tea or Coffee? Both.
11.Chocolate or Vanilla? Both.
12. Do you like to prepare food or eat it? Both, but really enjoy preparing with my candle burning, wine in glass, children at the counter doing homework, and ( when they were alive) my dogs and cat hanging out watching!
13. Do you prefer to serve meals in the kitchen or dining room? I would like to serve in the kitchen and plan on it, but I do have to say- it is very civilized eating in our dining room. I am not surrounded by pots and pans and potential kitchen clean-up. Nor am I up and down getting things. Once we are in the dining room we sit and eat. We sit down together for dinner most every night. This is very important to my husband and I.

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour. I tag anyone that wants to let us take a peek into your kitchen/life!


Pink Martini said...

Such a nice kitchen to call home! Very warm and inviting.

Frau said...

Very nice! Your kitchen is always so inviting and a great gathering place.Very Homey, the sun room is my favorite I'm gonna miss that.

kks said...

huge kitchen, love to peek at my favorite bloggers living spaces....love the sun room too, show us more pics of that....

Ina J Offret said...

Hi Preppy! I felt right at home in your kitchen with you, that candle and a big goblet of chilled Pinot Gris! I remember when those sunrooms were all the rage and "everybody" was getting a 4 Seasons sunroom! My mom had one in her Spring Lake house, it was a royal pain to maintain, as I recall.

Kitchen redos are hard to live through but congrats on your future project. Stock up on lots of paper products and set up one of your bathrooms as a wash station. I remember we had our microwave in the living room, the refrig out in the garage (still there, now it is the wine and champagne chilling refrig), oh what a pain that was...

Thanks for so graciously sharing with us. xo

Joyce said...

Miss P- I LOVE your kitchen it is so inviting! I bet your heart of the home holds a lot of laughter. I would love to come and help finish that bottle of wine with you!

Ronda said...

Beautiful kitchen, it is so homey. We are going to our kitchen over soon too. So you don't have to tag me, because I want everything you mentioned----all the way to the wine!


Somer Love said...

Love this I may just have to do it!

Ahhh your kitchen is so comfortable! Can't wait to see the new one!