Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seven things I love tag!

I have been tagged by Europafox to name seven things I love and then tag seven bloggers to do the same.
So here are my seven "things" 

I love when my husband and five children are all under one roof, doesn't happen enough these days.

 I love playing a sport rather than exercising. If I'm running? Someone better be chasing me!       

 I love helping people or connecting people with what they need. It could be a new dentist or a job doesn't matter. It is so satisfying helping someone find a solution to a problem.

I love my business. Most of the time. I really enjoy going into the city on buying trips, to the Gift show, or different showrooms- looking for the right items to sell. I love getting to know my customers and then looking for items that I know they would love. I appreciate making money to take pressure off my husband during these "two in college" years.

 I love that my parents and my four sisters are so close and that we all make an effort to remain so.  Geography is our biggest obstacle.

 I love seeing instances when my children achieve- in sports, academics, socially, work, love ...all of it. Not for bragging rights, but because I feel as though my husband and I have done our job.

I love that my husband and I are still married so many years... it's not always easy. 
We all know that. I really love my husband and love knowing that he thinks our marriage is as important as I do- even during rough patches. ( funny how the rough patches coincide with the years we had more than one teenager!)

Now I tag, (when you have a chance or have writer's block) seven bloggers:

Tami-Miller family Blog: seems like she has some good stuff going on!

Ina J. Offret- I know animals/dogs will be on her list :)

Ronda- Stella's Mom- She will have a dog item as well!

Only Half Nuts- She likes reasons to write AND dogs will be on her list too!

Pink Martini- this will be a way to get to know her better :)

Frau-West family Adventures: She is my sis!

The Preppy Princess- I have a feeling something fashionable will be on her list...

Have fun and anyone not listed?
 Feel free to jump in as it does help to write these type things down. Helps me to prioritize!


Ina J Offret said...

OK Preppy, sounds fun! Will do my 7 things sometime this week!! xo

OHN said...

Deal. I will get on it later today.

Ronda said...

Oh you little stinker, you did it again! Kidding. I'd love to partake when I get a chance! Have to put my thinking cap on--there are so many things I love.


Joyce said...

I love your list! Enjoy your day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little behind here but I didn't realise you had your own shop (have I read that right?) - could you post a link to it?? :) The PMS license plate below is hilarious!!

patty said...

Ina, OHN, and Ronda- no worries- whenever you get there.

Joyce- thank you!
Europa- I have a website, http:/ and I am a vendor at events such as lacrosse tournaments, horse shows, tennis tournaments and as of next week I will be at Feis's!

Ronda said...

Hi Patty! I'm glad we are on a first name basis! I really like your header, it reminds me of all the fabric I have been looking at all week. You have good taste!


t.t. millers said...

Thanks for the tag! I enjoyed reading your list. I will make sure I post my seven things this week. :)

Pink Martini said...

Hi P2! Thank you very much! I have been gone for 3 days out of 4 but just light long enough to gather goodies and head out again. I will put on my thinking cap and have some fun. Thank you for thinking of me.:)