Sunday, March 1, 2009

The most unforgettable day...

It really was the most unforgettable day. Not the day Sparky was hit. 
The day, two months later.

The morning after I had Becky, Marc came to the hospital with good news. Sparky had internal injuries, but will be fine.
 Great! Excited!
But then Marc said the bad news, that due to the internal injuries the Vet wasn't sure if Sparky would have use of his left, front leg as there appeared to be nerve damage. It was a wait and see situation. What was the alternative? 
We were so relieved that Sparky was alive and would be fine ( relatively) that we put that to the back of our minds. We happily told the kids that Sparky was coming home.

So, in the winter of 1994 there I was, with a new baby, 3 little kids, my husband working all the time and a crippled dog. Now Sparky was doing well, considering the injury. The Vet told us that they weren't sure how much feeling was left in the leg, they knew he wouldn't feel pain, they just weren't sure if this was temporary or how far up the leg he had no feeling.

 Right from the minute he came home he was eating and playing. Within a day or two he was up and down the stairs. He could go outside and do his business, although forever more he peed like a girl.

The problem was all the ice and snow. The muscle in his leg was beginning to atrophy and the leg began to drag. His paw was getting cut up and would bleed. It didn't bother him, but he was constantly licking it. I didn't like the blood that was getting all over the house and I was concerned with the constant licking, so I called the Vet. He suggested getting little rubber boots to protect the paw whenever we brought Sparky out. We bought them right away.

This worked for awhile. I was always hollering at the boys to make sure Sparky's boots were on and I felt as though I was always looking for them. Sparky's leg was dragging more and more. Marc and I began to discuss the option of amputation.
Not an easy discussion.
I was concerned about the recuperation. Would I have to lift him to go outside, could I? What was the cost? Would it be painful? We still had hope that Sparky's nerves would rejuvenate and feeling would come back, although the hope was diminishing day by day.
 Marc was fixated on Sparky being able to swim for some odd reason...

Before we could find out the answers to our questions and concerns something happened.
Something unbelievable.

Stay tuned, 
tonight I will post about that unbelievable day!


OHN said... are a terrible tease!

We had a dog that at age 2 had a horrid eye injury and eventually went blind in that eye. We were so worried about having her eye removed and it turned out it was the best thing we ever did....she no longer rubbed her bad eye, or whimpered at times when she brushed up against it.

Sometimes we have to make tough decisions that really do turn out for the best :)

Now hurry and tell us the rest of Sparky's story!

kks said...

thank you for not making us wait the night! need to know....:)

Reenie said...

I was soo scared of Sparky when I was little because of that leg. Mike made fun of me constantly for staying away from that dog.

kw said...

I miss Sparky!!!!

Ina J Offret said...

Hope I don't cry....

Pink Martini said...

What a sweet story of unconditional love.

Ronda said...

I want to know what happens........ I hope I don't cry either!

Joyce said...

Yes you are a tease!! OK I'm off the read the next entry. xoxo