Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lacrosse gifts

I know Spring is coming because I am receiving a lot of requests for lacrosse gifts.  Most people want items with their team color or items that their fans can wear. Our most popular items are the sterling lacrosse sticks on cord (ask Tami!) and the key fobs. I also sell a ton of note cards. There just isn't that much lacrosse gift items out there!
Come to www.preppyplayer.com for your preppy lacrosse gifts!


t.t. millers said...

I purchased several things and have been very happy with the products! Its hard to find lacrosse items and I'm glad I found Preppy Player!!! :) These are great gifts for players and coaches!

Ronda said...

Hi there! I don't need any lacrosse items, but I wanted to tell you that I wore the pink & green beaded bracelet to work yesterday. I got so many compliments! It went perfect with the pink & green argyle sweater I wore--perfect match!! Thank-you!


Pink Martini said...

I will forward to my lacrosse friends. Son2 used to play. Where did your older son go to school out here? What were the adjustments? To CA? :)

Joyce said...

Happy Lacrosse Season! xoxo

preppyplayer said...

Tami- Thanks for being a part of my commercial :)

Ronda- I am glad and thanks again for my hormone holder! LOL

Pink- Thanks! My son went to Stanford for two years and then transfered to Upenn. Loved Stanford, had a baseball scholarship, but wanted to play professionaly and wasn't getting the playing time on the team. Ended up captaining at Penn, but now works in finance! adjustments? Missed the seasons, the food, the pace of life in the east, I think he was mostly homesick and would now go back to Stanford for law school if he can.

Joyce - Thanks!

Pink Martini said...

Wow! 2 incredible schools. Yes, Menlo Park sure isn't Philly! They couldn't be more different in feel, could they? I loved the gothic buildings at Penn and that long main walkway, almost street-like. I can't remember the name!! Congrats to him! Both schools are tough to get into and stay in.