Monday, March 23, 2009

Sparky again...

I was on kk's blog tonight and she had a lovely ode to her dog who has since passed on. It made me think about Sparky. I love this picture of him. He was liver spotted and had one blue eye and one greenish eye and this image really captures how cool it looked. (click on the picture so that you can really see him)
To new readers,  he also was three-legged.

As I told kk it was a very bad day when we had to put him down. He was almost fourteen, which is a good age for a Dalmatian. He was very sick for the last six months of his life. But, every time we would think this is it, make an appointment to end his misery... he would have the best day!  Wagging, barking, playing, and eating...when days before he was at death's door!

We would cancel the appointment and say- Not today.
But, one morning we knew it was it. He was in pain and it wasn't fair. So my husband brought him to our vet, that was hard. Almost as hard? Telling the kids when they came home from school that day and calling the college kids and telling them.
It was a bad day.


Ina J Offret said...

Oh Sparky was so cute and so glad he was YOUR dog!! He lived long and was loved, if not such a lucky guy, incident-wise....

I can still remember the days when each of my dogs were put down.... I remember their last ride in the car and I remember my wonderful vet taking such tender and compassionate care of all of us. Nonetheless, the worst days ever.


Pink Martini said...

We have a beloved cat who is 13 and although, thank goodness, she is relatively healthy I play the 'bad day' in my mind sometimes and how I will tell the kids almost like a dress rehearsal. I know this is weird but I need to be prepared somehow. One of the harder things in life.

Ronda said...

I agree with everything Ina just said. I really want to find some pictures of my boxer, Baily who passed 4 years ago, and post about her. That is the one thing that is hard about having a pet, when they are near the end.


Somer Love said...

I love Sparky!!!!

Frau said...

Hold on to the memories! Maybe it's time for a new dog?

kks said...

Sparky was a beautiful dog...(we had dalmations growing up)
i've seen the "rally" so many times....makes the decision even harder....and it is never easy...thanks for sharing sparky's story!

Joyce said...

He was a cutie! His color is beautiful!
Yes these moments are very sad. I still remember our day taking Bud to the vet and our ride home. We brought him back with us to be dropped off a at place to get him cremated. All 3 of us were crying like babies. I could hardly drive between the tears, but I was better than my love (this is the first time I saw him cry openly, not even when his dad died) and poor Kelly was howling. Our trainer said to bring her with, but not to take her in the room because we would be upset, but to let her smell the body she would know then in dog language. Ohh... this brings memories back. As I watch our little Kelly days getting shorter.

Sending you lots of hugs....xoxo

t.t. millers said...

So sad to have to let a pet go. There is comfort in knowing you gave him a great home and a wonderful doggie life!

the Preppy Princess said...

What a wonderful member of the family Sparky looks to have been, he was just such a handsome fellow!

We were very fortunate when he had to say goodbye to Phred, our 13-year-old Giant Schnauzer, as the vet and tech came to the house. They were so kind and gentle, yet we both still wept like babies, and did so for a very long time.

Thanks for sharing Miss Player,

~CC Catherine said...

What a precious doggie Sparky was. Your story of good and bad days for 6 months reminds me of the final months of our sheltie 7 years ago...his name was Starry and he was so adorable and a part of our family. One son drove me to the vets to have him put down after he couldn't walk, eat, or go to the bathroom for a few days...we just couldn't let him suffer anymore and we knew it was his time... the other son stayed behind and dug his grave. I held him (never had done that before) while they put him down...and kissed him and petted him. He was put in a small styrofoam casket with our sons childhood blanket wrapped around him...we were able to view him in the casket before they sealed it. We drove home that night...buried him, and the boys put a cross on the gravesite in the woods. My son played in a basketball game that night, Sr., first string...he wrote Starry on his socks and said he'd dedicate the game to him....he was top scorer that night...... We miss him dearly, like I know you must miss Sparky. So sorry for the long story...just brought back memories! We have his pic on our frig to this day! ~CC Catherine