Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

I was asked to submit a recommendation to budding entrepreneurs by Michael Michalowicz of the blog,  The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
He is also an author of a book  by the same name.

Today he has a post that includes my tip and 162 other tips! It really is interesting and inspiring to hear every one's advice. Lots of good ideas!
My tip is #34 :)


Pink Martini said...

Way to go "PC!". I agree. I began a volunteer group from the ground up and it has been very successful but it is so painful to see others in charge that feel they must reinvent the wheel to put their name on it. Then they flounder and wonder why they are having such a hard time. Egos are such a waste of time and energy.

Frau said...

I totally agree, well said!

Ronda said...

I couldn't agree more! Hope you had a good day!