Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you! Ski Helmets save lives.

Jordan and his sister Allie
Thank you to all for your kind thoughts and prayers.
And a big thanks to God because,
Our boy's going to be OK.
He will wear a back brace for three months or more and must endure extensive rehab,
But we'll take that over what might have been...

you know how I am always preaching about Helmets and skiing?
How they save lives?
How it's not how you're skiing, it's the other guy/tree/rock/runaway board or ski pole you have to worry about?
Well, our boy is proof that helmets save lives.
AND that the power of prayer is a beautiful thing.


Suburban Princess said...

I am so glad he is going to be ok!
My thoughts are with your family!

OHN said...

I think they need to take his helmet and somehow frame or mount it and show it to those skiers that are afraid a helmet will take away their "cool".

Soooo glad he is going to be okay!!

Matty said...

Fantastic! I'm glad to hear this. A few short months and he's good as new.

Susan said...

A little faith goes a long way. So glad to hear he is going to be fine.
Isn't it the truth about others? I try to tell my kids the same thing about riding bikes, skate boarding skating, etc...It's not that I don't trust them....I just don't trust everyone else who is participating in these things. Accidents happen....let's be one less statistic and just put the helmet on.

Frau said...

I talk to him today he was little drugged and in a lot of pain but ready to go home. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow he will be released.

Ronda said...

This is fantastic! I can't believe they are ready to release him!! Wow!
Some people just don't get the helmet thing, I'm so glad he did!

Her Preppiness said...

Thank goodness

Ina in Alaska said...

So so glad Jordan will pull through this ok. We always think how this sort of accident can't happen to us, but it can!

Also, another important safety thing.... no more cell phone talking or texting while driving. Not worth the potential for death or serious damage. xoxo

Heather said...

oh boy, i'm so glad he is okay. ski helmets do indeed save lives, i have known people die form not wearing them.

Joyce said...

Wonderful news! Don't stop spreading the word on the importance of a helmut. Yes prayers can be heard. I'm living proof. xo