Monday, March 22, 2010

girl's lacrosse tournaments and cash flow

Women's lacrosse.
Most of you know I am a vendor at many, women's and girl's lacrosse tournaments all over the east coast. And,  You know I did my first west coast event in January in Palm Desert, California ( shown above)
Poor me.

Anyway, this is the time of year that all the contracts are coming in and must go out quickly to secure a spot as there are limited spaces at most tournaments. Although I have seniority at most, there are wait lists for vendors and money talks! ( surprise, surprise)

Accompanying all those contracts are large checks, written out by me. Then the shuffle game begins. Some tourney organizers cash the checks right before the event, some cash them as soon as they are in their hot little hands. it's up to me to make sure thousands of dollars stay in my account to cover those checks.

Ouch. Some of those events are in July! It is so frustrating having lots of money in my account, but I can't pay off my business bills...
I guess it could be worse and that I didn't have the money to pay for vendor space.


Frau said...

Sucks that they don't require payment 30 days in advance of event!

OHN said...

How frustrating!! I guess the only thing to do is fake yourself out assuming that all the money is gone (maybe pencil vs pen.

I have 4 checking accounts. 2 personal and 2 business. Sometimes it is a nightmare robbing one, to pay the other, and remembering what is where~~but it keeps the Alzheimer's away :)

Hey, on the bright side, sales predictions for this spring are up :):)