Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy day. Hood or hat?

Rainy days kill my salon blow-out.
If you have crazy curly hair like I do and if you have just plopped down too many $$'s for a blow out...
You want to protect that hair and make it last for a couple of days.
So what do you do?

a. Do not leave the house.
b. wear a rain hat.
c. wear a raincoat with a hood.
I remember my grandma always having a plastic rain hat in a little pouch in her purse, always prepared. No matter how pretty the model looks... this looks wrong.
This is hysterical. Clear plastic hat so that you can look out? Sorry, the flower does NOT help.
Hmmm. Bright yellow rain hat that does offer a lot of coverage for my curly locks...
But I just can't get this guy out of my head when I see that hat!
Ok, this jaunty number is right up my alley... on a sunny day. Because that hat is never going to keep the frizz and curls at bay.
fashionable, classic, great for you straight hair, Marcia Brady types.
Me? No.
Now this style hat might give me what I need and want- fashion and protection.
But somehow I see my hair peeking out like the model... that spells-
Hair disaster!
So, maybe it's a coat I need?
Doesn't this spell Rainy Day at Disney World to you?
I guess you had to be there. A sea of these on every ride, in every attraction.
This is sporty and cool. A little too skier, even for me.
Now, this is nice. Fashionable, stylish, long enough to cover my bum.
A contender.

But, the Northface grace raincoat is what I have my eye on. My sister Beth has it and she lost it temporarily to our sister Mary. I almost hijacked it from Mary before she guiltily sent it back to Beth.
We love it.
It is very flattering, does the job of keeping you AND your hair dry, and it can work with casual and semi dressy.
What's your vote?
*Do NOT say Paddington Bear!


Matty said...

I stopped having bad hair days years ago.

Ina in Alaska said...

I am one of those straight hair gals with a great haircut so weather conditions have no impact on my hair. I must respectfully disagree with you about the plastic hat with the band... LOVE IT!!!

I have seen the all over Disney-esque plasticwear also at the US Open and worn by the Mt. Killimanjaro guides !!

Pink Martini said...

I swear by the Japanese straightening method. Only problem is since I started it, I can't stop because I love it! I do it twice a year and sometimes with an extra touch up around my face for my bangs and temples. You would not believe the time it saves in the morning. You would fly out the door to head out for your shows! :) xoxo

Frau said...

I have the northface rain coat with hood, but the hood doesn't really stay on. I also have a bucket hat from Lands End that I like but there is really no winning against the frizz!

Suburban Princess said...

LOL I was about to say Paddington!!!!

I have a terrible time with rain - I have fine hair so it does not go well with rain when I have grown it out. Right now I have short hair so it is a lot easier - but my hair does not like hats very once I have the hat on, I have to keep it on!

Susan said...

Okay, the yellow hat reminds me of the Gorton's Fisherman, the Burberry hat is adorable, but probably comes with an equally adorable price. I'm loving the cute, colorful sunhat too. The parka is nice, kind of a two-fer. You get the coat coverage and the head coverage. Hmmmmmmm, I'd go with the sunhat.

OHN said...

I have the exact opposite problem. My hair is baby fine and straight as a pin. Humid weather removes ANY curl I put in, no matter how much gel/spray/mousse etc I use.

I had to chuckle at the Gorton fishermans hat...that is what I thought immediately when I saw the photo.

S3's babyhood/little boy snuggly toy was his paddington. He is very very well worn and still much loved, but only HE looks cute in THAT hat :p