Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only 30% Irish. But please don't tell him.

Do you have your own leprechaun?


Joyce said...

30% is better than nothing. He is too cute!!
Oh yes my friend, I have 95% pure
6'2" tall beer glass of an leprechaun. When I gave up meat his response was "J I hope you don't expect me to, I'm an irish man who loves meat and pototoes!" Happy St. Patty's day my friend! xo

Frau said...

Everybody is Irish today! I love K outfit!

thepreppyprincess said...

That is one excellent photo. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your Miss Player, as well as a big Irish hug!

Ronda said...

He may be 30% Irish, but he is 100% cute!! Happy St. Patty's Day to you too!.