Monday, March 15, 2010

Fill in the blank!

I'm stealing/borrowing this from my sister, the frau

I am......tired ( daylight savings time!)

I think.... about work way too much.

I should... play less mahjong solitaire online.

I dream.... that I can fly!

I want.... to get started on our kitchen construction.

I know....I have to balance work and family better.

I don't like.... when people are rude!

I smell...burritos.

I hear.... the tapping of computer keys.

I fear.... that something has happened to my family whenever I hear a siren.

I usually.... play paddle.

I search... for new gigs all the time.

I miss.... baby smell.

I always....make a good dinner.

I regret.... not staying in touch with an old friend.

I wonder.... if I will ever live anywhere else.

I crave....cookies.

I remember... to turn off the coffee pot.

I hair dyed.

I hair appointments way too much, hence need for hair to be dyed..

I feel.... happy.

I can....get a lot done.

I can' with math homework.

I am happy....that our family is healthy.

I lose.....chargers all the time.

I sing....too much.

I listen...when my teens finally open up.

I shop....when I have to.

I eat....too much.

I husband, my children, my parents, and my sisters and their families so very much.


Ronda said...

Great answers! I miss baby smell too. My hair could also use some attention!

Matty said...

My mom plays mahjong too. I never heard of it until a few years ago when she got into it. And who doesn't eat too much.

Ina in Alaska said...

I was just reading the post below this one. Your weather has been just horrible all winter. Been watching it on the national news. Saw people in boats near my aunt's house in Bound Brook. I hope you all get a great summer out of all this! I think winter is finally fading out our way, today it was sunny and warm, near 40 dergrees. That is very nice here since our climate is dry. I could almost sit on my deck in the direct sun if I so desired (bundled up)...

I was surprised to see you paddle more than tennis...

Frau said...

Great answers....I'm getting my hair done soon!

Joyce said...

a wonderful a true list. xo
ps i can't wait for your kitchen too!