Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now the important stuff...

I am pretty sure I will be needing these in the near future-
Fitflop-walkstar 3
And the white will be a must have,
fitflop-walkstar 3
As for the black, I think I NEED these suede beauties,
fit flop- Oasis


Frau said...

I wore mine today in the house...even though it was freezing out...my feet were very happy!

Susan said...

What are these things? Not very pretty, but I bet they're good for your feet. Just like Birkenstocks, but I kinda like the looks too.

Sis Beth said...

Hi I have a few pairs of these great fit flops too. However, my suede ones bleed when they get wet. My feet will be black all day it is yucky. So FYI, on those ones.

fitflop walkstar said...
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