Thursday, March 4, 2010

Need recommendations for Paris!

Calling all bloggers!
The Frau and I are meeting up in Paris next month and need recommendations for hotels.
We know we can count on you to let us know about the most economical, best locations, most clean places to stay in the city of lights- the BEST hotels in Paris!


CRICKET said...


My parents stayed her two years ago:
Grand Hotel Leveque
29 Rue Cler-75007
Paris Tel: 01 47 05 49 15

I stayed here about 10 years ago:

If you need more I can ask around.

My family doesn;t like to pay a lot for hotel rooms but like them to be clean and convenient.

I have a girlfriend that stays in really nice places, the type who got a pair of christian louboutin custom made.

CRICKET said...

here is a blog link too:

Joyce said...

Oh my goodness Paris will never be the same!! I don't have a clue for advise in Paris, but I say just roll with it and have FUN! xo

Ronda said...

Let me know of any good recommendations!

Jessicas Follie said...

My favorite travel books are Alistair Sawadays "Special Places to Stay" - we have used them all over the world. In Paris I would suggest that you search the book using their maps by where in the city you would like to be. I wanted to wake up and walk out to the Eiffel Tower each morning, so we stayed at Hameau de Passy which was perfect and darling. I like to feel more "local" rather than "touristy" for most of the trip - but we've always bought tickets for "the big yellow bus" - it is a bit cheesy, but it takes you on a tour of the city and you can hop an and off as you like. It's more fun than using the metro just because you are above ground and it also enabled us to at least drive by all of the places that we felt like we "should" see - but could return to the ones we loved easily. When planning, don't forget The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays. A favorite memory is always just bread and wine and cheese on benches at the park by The Eiffel Tower. Every single bit of the food will be fantastic!

OHN said...

I think I now hate you a little bit. ;)

Kwana said...

My kids just got back from an exchange trip and now you lucky two are going. Sigh... How I wish I were tagging along.
Sorry no recommendations from me as they stayed in homes.

Her Preppiness said...

Mother and I usually stay at the Westin which used to be the Intercontinental. There are many small hotels that are excellent. Email me at herpreppiness@gmail with the specifics of your trip and I have lots of recommendations.

Susan said...

My recommendation is that you stop by Colorado and pick me up. That work for ya?

preppyplayer said...

cricket- thanks so much- lots of valuable info :)

Joyce- I think you're right.
Ronda- I will, thanks for your links to great paris blogs!
jess- Such good advice- thank you!

Ohn-I'll save a seat for you?

Kwana- I wish I had done something like that at their age.

Her prep- I WILL be emailing you- I know you have info!

Susan- Good idea!