Saturday, March 6, 2010

St. Patrick's Day, How it's done... in Hoboken

In Chicago they dye the river green.
In Hoboken they start... on March 6th!
The parade is the big draw and although it starts at 1pm...

This was the line at 8:30 this morning as people begin to line up outside the bars in Hoboken getting "ready" for the parade. My son was up at 8am this morning,
( the EARLIEST I have seen him up on a Saturday morning in years.)
he took an 8:30 train to Hoboken to go to a St. Patrick's day party that starts at 9am!

The parade in Hoboken and the all-day pub crawl has become so popular that people actually prefer it to the St. Patrick's day parade and celebrations in NYC.
I have asked why and most say that it is because Hoboken is easy to navigate, all the pubs are in a centralized location giving the feeling of a huge block party, and public transportation is so easy going back into NYC or anywhere in NJ that no one has to worry about driving.


Susan said...

My son went last year, this year's he's in N.C. and I'm grateful! But...when I "was" his age, I'd be there too!!!

Sis Beth said...

Sounds like a hoot of a time. Which nephew went? Too bad you and your honey can join him!! So it is Happy St. Patrick's Day all month in Hoboken.

Ina in Alaska said...

In Belmar they have a big "to do" early too. I don't know why but it is a lot of fun. xoxo