Saturday, October 31, 2009

ski-in ski-out rental property at Copper Mountain, Colorado

I know I have written about the amazing
ski-in ski-out rental property at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
But I don't think you know... that they have already received a foot of snow!!!
In fact here is a press release:

Copper Mountain, CO - With a foot of fresh snow this week, Colorado's Copper Mountain ski resort is scheduled to open for the winter season on Friday, Nov. 6, with top to bottom skiing and riding and Lift Off, Copper’s 5th annual opening weekend festival.

I am so psyched! What a great start to a (hopefully) terrific ski season. So please do not forget to check out this rental property at Timber Valley. I highly recommend it :)

Oh, and if you want to check out the snow, click on the link below and catch the "Copper Cam!"


Somer Love said...

Colo??? Um you should come to Utah!

OHN said...

But I don't see any info about a beach.

The only white stuff I like near my feet is white sand :)

Beth Adamson said...

1 foot of snow is not that much. We have more than that in Utah at Alta. Just think about Utah not Colorado.

Ronda said...

I know my boys are chomping at the bit to ski! They can't wait to get to Deer Valley and Alta. Friends of ours have a condo in Deer Valley. Your place seems absolutely beautiful! When are you going?
By the way, did you get any "tricks" on your property last night?

preppyplayer said...

Don't worry Utahns! Alta/snowbird are always tops with me.
BUT, if I can't be in Utah I want to be at Copper!

Beth Adamson said...

Have you ever been to Copper? We have only skied Steamboat in Colorado. We have skied Targee and Sun Valley Idaho, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Bend, Oregon. Otherwise only Utah. Would love to hear about Copper from you.