Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The all powerful ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB!!!

So, today was Walk to School Day.
Something I agree with wholeheartedly... in theory.
We live about a half mile from our middle school and it is a very pleasant walk and today would have been no exception as it was a quintessential, Indian summer day.

However, My carpool of two thirteen year-old boys play on the school soccer team. This means in addition to their 50lb backpacks, filled with every book they need, they lug a large duffel filled with soccer stuff making a walk to school... impossible.

My self and the other mother put the kibosh on the walk much to the dismay of the two boys. As I drove them to school I thought  smilingly to myself, "how nice that they are so concerned for the environment, trying to do their part." I was really proud of them. 
They really seemed concerned and bothered that they had to be driven to school...
This should have been a red flag.

As we neared the school, I see them whispering to each other and peering ahead. All of a sudden they both yell, "STOP!"
I'm like, "What is the matter?"
In unison, " the Environmental Club is up there, we have to hurry!!" In my naivete I'm thinking that maybe they are running to join them and help out...

Oh no. they were actually trying to hurry and run away from the all powerful club before they were spotted exiting my car.
Too late.
The club spotted them and came running over to confront the natural energy consumers, ( my car pool.)
You should have heard the excuses, the blame (on their mothers), and the apologies.

If you want to scare your kids or get them to do something?
I suggest the Environmental Club, they kick ass.


Suburban Princess said...

Oh dear! Sounds like the tables have turned!

Susan said...

I love it...caught - must be a new club... and GREAT they are so thoughtful...those heavy back packs are insane...good point!

Pink Martini said...

Oh how funny! :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Oh that's funny!