Friday, October 2, 2009


It's Pashmina time!
Seriously, I feel like Linus with his blanket. I go everywhere with one. 
Because I am ALWAYS cold. ( Not the norm for a person during the "m" years)
Also they finish any outfit.
Other reasons,

MUCH nicer than the airplane blanket, (do they ever really wash those?)

Great to throw over head as you leave hair salon, doesn't it always seem to rain the day of a blowout?

Makes even a Gap t-shirt look grand.

Perfect for Fall transition to winter.

I get them wholesale at AMAZING prices.

And... there are so many to choose from!

Plain is fine too!


Joyce said...

I too get cold- only a verrry few times will I feel the heat during the old lady thing. Love the wraps. Have a golden weekend! xoxo

OHN said...

On Monday when I start my "new" job, I will proudly be wearing one :)

Thanks to you...I will look like I actually know how to dress :)

Lisa said...

I love them! I am taking one to the hockey game tonight. I am headed out shopping this morning and am hoping to find one in Carolina Blue. We are going to the football game tomorrow morning and it would be the perfect accessory.

Ronda said...

I love them. I could use that top one right now for my cruise! I'm bring a black one. How can I see the stuff you sell?

Anonymous said...

I love those too! You can throw one on and instantly chic-up a pair of jeans! The perfect match of form AND function!