Friday, October 30, 2009

Cabbage Night Extortion

The night before Halloween in Northern NJ is called many things.
In our town most call it Cabbage Night.
All the kids in town go out after dark and create mischief. Most of it is harmless and you really can't get mad. My kids used to wait in our bushes and try to catch whomever would dare attempt to toilet paper our house or soap our cars. I have been known to point a hose at a large group of mischief makers. ( all in fun, really!)

And I am quite positive that my children have papered houses and wrote with shaving cream on neighbors sidewalks. We do draw the line on eggs, too destructive. We made them travel in a group and they had a curfew.

I have to report that this year may be different. I found the note below taped to my door last night.
I am wondering if I should be concerned or give Andrew (whoever he is) props for taking advantage of the opportunity.

Are you picturing what I am?
A mini Tony Soprano, who for a certain amount of money ($5) will protect us from mischief and mayhem?
Or a cute boy with garbage bags, sponges and mops cleaning up the next morning?

Remember, we live in Northern NJ folks...


Suburban Princess said...

Total Soprano for sure! There is no way he will come the next day and clean for 5.00!

Beth Adamson said...

So darn funny. I just commented that it is the perfect weather for Cabbage night.(Gloomy,cold,) However, they do not do that in good old Utah. I do have great memories. I picture the boy doing the mess and getting paid the next day to clean it up. Not sure. Have fun.

OHN said...

A true entrepreneur.

He causes havoc, then charges to clean it up.

That's quite a gig if you can get it :)

(Of course it is possible that he is a charming young man, on a quest to do good deeds, and I am just a jaded old lady....but I DO have three sons....I'm just sayin;)

Pink Martini said...

I've never heard of Cabbage Night. It is indigenous to NJ or just your town? I would love to know more about its origins.

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh yes, that is a definitely a Soprano-style move! We haven't heard of cabbage night previously, so this one was fun to read!

Hope your weekend is wonderful,

Ina in Alaska said...

LOVE the header picture!!I think Andrew is very enterprising!! Happy Halloween!! Hoping for no messes for Andrew to clean up for you!!!

PS Ron and I ended up with dinner plans with some friends at a lovely neighborhood restaurant. And... one of my bunny ears broke!!! xoxo

Susan said...

Goosey Night in my neck of the woods and hysterical to read all my high school friends comments about it on face book today! I LOVE it... when it's just harmless mess...I LOVE toilet paper over trees! I bet Andrew is a little entrepreneur and for real... too cute!

Frau said...

I have such good memories of cabbage night. I think Andrew is the smartest kid I hope he rakes in the business.
Post pictures of your trashed yard.

Preppy Coastee said...

How funny! A total Tony Soprano for sure! Gotta love NJ!!