Friday, October 30, 2009

platform tennis et moi

Platform tennis,( paddle), is a passion of mine.
Ina asked me what have I been up to as she hasn't read any mention of tennis or paddle in my blog.
How could that be? Considering that I am playing 4-5 times a week... I think I don't write about it much because most people do not even know what paddle is.

So I think I will just write about paddle and how it relates to me. ( it's all about me!)
Here it goes.
First you should know that I like to play competitively and I like to win. If I don't win I don't sulk and I'm not in a bad mood the rest of the day. I turn the page.
But, if I do win?
I am very pleasant to be around.
I play on an inter club team, B level. ( some day I'll be an A! The teams start at E)

And I play on a state team. We travel around the state playing other clubs and then we have lunch. I play on series 7 and 9. We started on 13.

For me the game serves as a good workout, good exercise, and provides a social life with great women who like to compete and be out doors during the winter.
That's right, it's an outdoors, WINTER sport.
Freezing cold?
Sleet, snow, ice?
We're out there and half the time we are in shirt sleeves as you work up a sweat playing this game.

My paddle partner and I also play in tournaments. We just played in a fundraiser over in NY this week. It was at Fox Meadow, seen below.
Fox Meadow is a beautiful, old club where the game originated. The people are so nice and it was a pleasure to play there.
Unfortunately... we had to play in the pouring rain... ALL DAY!!!!
And, the tournament wasn't run very well or very organized.
Another problem?
The food was terrible. It was disappointing. Thank God the paddle was good.

The club shown above.
This drawing is found in many a paddle club.
Very vintage. it's from back in the day when the men and women would play in sweaters, chinos, and Keds.
Now we all wear Nike black exercise pants, tennis shoes and tees.
Let me know if you have ever played :)


Ronda said...

Myself, I have never played paddle, but would love to try. As for you----I give you a lot of credit! 4-5 times a week? Wow that is dedication! You sure do get your exercise. I would love just to have 3-4 days a week to myself!
Love your header too!
Happy Halloween :)

mFw said...

I just found your blog from Katie at let's be preppy! Thanks to paddle as the subject on her blogroll. I'm not a tennis/racquet sport person(i play golf), but my dad plays all the time in the winter in St. Louis. He's one of the few and they absolutely love it. He played tennis in college but now only plays paddle. he even goes to other cities for tournaments. It's so much fun to watch.

Pink Martini said...

I know I have asked you about this sport before and I have googled it for my area. It simply does not exist but it looks like a lot of fun. I wish there was something like this around here. Also squash does not exist. Maybe because in SoCal we can do anything all year round. One thing for certain is that you, dear Miss P2, are a warrior! :)

I agree with Ronda. Your header is awesome!